So It Has Begun

The great Olympic exploitation has begun. Here’s Ryan Lochte giving the acting performance of his life and answering an interview like a pro on the set of “90210”. I love how the reporter’s eyes are fixed to his pecs once she finished the question. Next thing you know, Michael Phelps is dancing with the has beens, Tom Daley becomes the sixth member of One Direction and Daniel Leyva is a featured star on Corbin Fisher. Okay, I was kind of hoping the last one is true. Wouldn’t surprise me!

  • lkcolo

    ryan is hot until he speaks—–uh duh like saying things and remebering them and remembering when to say them—looks like 90120 is gonna have to be another ran at the emmys—couldnt even cut it on daytime emmys
    is it really hard to act against all that oscar worthy acting talent on 90120 maybe he should try out for gossip girl more his speed atleast phelps could speak even stoned

  • lkcolo

    have a better use for that chest and throat

  • Bob E

    If Blake Lively if smart she won’t, repeat won’t
    make that call. If they could only be smart and
    a champion athletic (hits self in forehead) DOH!
    (Mumbles to self) If they’re straight, it’s always
    smart -OR- hot, never both.

  • eagander

    So suddenly he can ACT? How about in a porn, “Olympic Medal Studs”???

  • Nick

    This guy is a huge fame whore, and he’s as dumb as a doorknob.

  • Blue

    Speaking of Corbin Fisher, if Lochte and Leyva will do a video. Who is top and who is bottom?

    I’d say Leyva is the top and Lochte is the bottom.

  • Christopher

    actually the Corbin Fisher video should star-Tom Daley. Ryan
    Lochte, Michael Phelps and Danell Leyva. the twist is Daley is
    the dominant top.

  • Blue

    I’d throw in Nick McCrory! His super hairy pits looks yummy! The bulge is very promosing as well.

  • Willy

    @lkcolo – I totally agree. We beyond hot until he talks. Not the brightest bulb ot so he appers/ I los the mojo for him went he rought out his stupid swag of tennis shoes (sorry sneakers) and those horrid grillz that went out fo swap-ville hears ago, thank god. So a supid look and he is channeling Flava Flav, who at least was funny. But ryan go the upscale look. Jeans & T’s look great in yu. But not so much of the hip hop wear, which they don’ even wear anymore.J ust keep the shirt off and he mouth closed. He’ll learn once he gets a good agent.

  • Blue

    He really looks dumb when he speaks. However, there are people that are not really good with their communication skills but are very intelligent.

  • michael

    Lol de dude was so hot. All of a sudden he starts talkign and im like right.. beaty faides dumb is forever.. shame :/

  • George

    He shouldn’t try to act or even speak for that matter. He should just stand there with his shirt off, showing off that hot, glistening body. That would be a favor to us all.

  • michael

    Then again memorizing sentence is new for him ahum. Check the link lol;

  • lordy

    he should only grunt, growl, and maybe say a few dirty words then and there during throws of passion. speaking is not mandatory.

  • Mallory

    I like Ryan. I think he’s smarter than he comes across, so whoever said you can sound stupid, and still be intelligent is on the right track. Nice guy too.

  • Ken

    >>However, there are people that are not really good with their communication skills but are very intelligent.<<

    Like George W Bush.

    Seriously, Lochte seemed cool until he started trying so hard to convince us that he is cool. Now, he just comes across as a major tool.

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