Taking Manwhoring to A New Height

If you think this is the best thing that’s ever happened in your life, you’re in for a real treat. When it comes to exploitation, you have to hand it down to H&M, because they are doing everything they can and squeezing out as much sex juice from Britain’s original manwhore David Beckham to sell expensive man panties. Nothing wrong with that, although this non-true likeness 11-foot statue is a bit much. When that’s coming from my pervy ass – IT IS A BIT MUCH. Anyways, if you really want to worship – here‘s the list of selected churches stores across America. Don’t forget the donation money!

David Beckham Statue by H&M

David Beckham Statue by H&M

David Beckham by H&M

  • Nick

    WOW, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this, and I might add that David isn’t aging well.

  • Mckey

    His time is up!He is no longer the prettiest manwhore in the world but still I wouldn’t kick him out of the bed.Eventhough he is the boner trigger,he should really stop doing this!Forget embarrassing it’s getting sad now!He has 4 kids and occasionally shirtless is fine but posing half naked in tight underwear with the the bulge showing is just too much!Just have some self respect even if you’re a manwhore!

  • jad

    I did a skit with him for an NFL pregame show a few weeks ago. Was standing 2 inches from him for a couple hours. Thought he looked fantastic. Yes, he is not 20 anymore but damn he is aging well. Hay, if you got it flaunt it for as long as you can. That goes for being well endowed also. I am sooo sick of this society that brands you “OLD” at 30. Super nice guy too. Made sure he thanked and shook each persons hand who worked on the show before he left. That does not happen much in this CRAP business called Show.

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