This Is Why Robert Harting Should Win All the Gold Medals in the World

Or better yet, this should be a new Olympic rule. All hot mens (especially big and tall blond Germans) who win ANY medal should convey their excitement by screaming like it’s party in the Neolithic era and subsequently destroying their shirts Hulk style. Shorts are optional, but highly encouraged. 6ft 7in German discus star Robert Harting is setting a brilliant example here after winning the gold medal yesterday (via Buzzfeed). I do love a civilised good mannered gentleman as much as the next person but sometimes you just want a simple testosterone filled burly hunk of a man to take you downtown, you know? It was reported that Harting then tried to take one of the Olympic flames before going on drinking session on German cruise liner. My love only grew stronger…

  • rodthehorny

    Beefy German!!! So Delicious :))

  • Mckey

    Blond guys with dark nipples are rare but most of the time they are hot as hell!!

  • mt

    Wow – Hitler would be proud! Seriously though, looks real nice, but shows almost no package…..too many ‘roids maybe?

  • mfarris70

    Great from the neck down.

  • Tom

    Sexy man. Seems like a fun guy. I’d do a night downtown with him.

  • Nick

    I’m turned on and a little scared at the same time.

  • Sammy

    He’s perfect – I just wish we had some better snaps of him 🙁

  • starkravinglad

    Robert Harting certainly is yummy. I would definitely not mind him wrapping those arms (or his entire body for that matter)around me 😉

  • Not much in the crotch dept but a hot man.

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