This Looks Familiar

It’s a slow scroching Sunday so all you want to do is stay in and eat tubs of full fat ice cream. By you I mean me and probably just me. Having said that, I have to post something, so here’s Stephen Amell in all his shirtless Photoshop glory selling that CW new show “Arrow“.CW knows the importance of getting that much needed attention when debuting a new series so they have used Stephen well. I’m sure I’ve seen this before, but where?

Stephen Amell Shirtless on Arrow Poster

Oh yes. Keep on using that sex, CW. We’re with you all the way!

Tom Welling Shirtless on Smallville Poster

On another note, remember that time when Tom Welling is your everything? Does anyone know if he still exists?

  • Daz

    I’ll have his arrow anytime

  • He’s so hot!!!
    From the teaser trailer it seems we have shirtless scenes of him during the pilot, but I hope will have the same routine every week!!

  • Rob-Bear

    He can pierce me with his arrow anytime, or something along those lines lol

  • joe

    sexy sexy. however the show looks like crap, so i won’t be watching

  • Christopher

    Amell certainly is hot but i have too thoughts about the new
    CW series “Arrow”.

    *it will be interesting to see how they explore his backstory
    and his re-introduction into society. the whole concept
    of the new series is as if Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow who
    was a regular on “Smallville” for three seasons never

    *the CW is asking us to welcome this new series into our
    regular viewing habits. yet they rarely reward the viewing
    audience who is faithful to a new series by keeping the
    show on the air. “The Secret Circle” was my favorite new
    CW series last fall but they cancelled it after 1 season
    eventhough other CW series had lower overall ratings.
    regardless of how good the series might actually be i’m
    and the CW will cancel either “Beauty and the Beast” or
    the ‘Arrow” by the end of their 1st season.

  • KarmaLysing

    I was actually thinking “Immortals”, but yeah, I see it now…

  • SWil

    John Barrowman has been cast in a recurring role as a “well dressed billionaire” or something along those lines. I’d watch for that alone.

  • Phil

    Welling, or Amell-I’d take both their um ‘arrows’…

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