Time to Feel Old

Here’s another Taylor, you know – the only Hanson sibling you’re not ashamed to plaster all over your locker in high school (not me I swear, I’m more of a Backstreet Boys fan). And yes, now that he has sprouted hotness, I’d hit this many times over. If you don’t know who Taylor Hanson is, it means you’re not old enough for this joint.

  • Mckey

    The same thing happens to Ronan Keating and Nick Carter.When they were younger and at their prime,they didn’t want to get shirtless at all!Other members will do it but not them.Now that they’re older(yes they are still hot)and not as famous as they were before,all of a sudden they are desperate for attention!Lucky us I guess.

  • Bob E

    More interested in the out-of-focus bear in the

  • Phil

    OMG I’d so hit that!!!…

  • Jack

    That just makes me drool in my beard.

  • szoszo

    wearing a scarf to the beach. douche alarm.

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