Tom Daley in Heat Magazine, Of Course

If you’re thinking of a grilled cheese on toast for whatever, then you’re in for a treat. Tom Daley is probably at his busiest time now than ever, even busier than preparing for the Olympics as all kinds of media are trying to outwhore and utilise every inch of his body. As expected, here’s a new set from Heat magazine which look like the photographer (who happened to have a pair of silly glasses and an ill fitting suit) kidnapped and de-shirted him for a quick 10 minutes photo shoot on someone’s roof terrace. I’m not complaining, but this could go down the wrong route if Tom says yes to EVERYTHING.

  • Christopher

    the photos would be great if only they didn’t have the
    “in Heat” logo.

    also i agree with Squarehippies that i hope Tom who is
    admittedly extra yummy lucious doesn’t say yes to like
    every photographer who wants a photo shoot with him.

  • Jack

    He’s still just a young pup, give him his chance to shine.

  • Simon

    That last picture, oh god it would be too easy to photoshop it.

  • Nick

    He has a man’s body but still has a baby face. Gorgeous nonetheless.

  • len

    well, he could say yes to marrying me right in St Pauls Cathedral!

  • Did you see in the one picture where this adorable young man’s chest hairs are beginning to peep out?

  • michael

    he does nothing for me. he looks about 12.

  • toto

    Nothing to me either.

    He looks like a kid. Turnoff.

  • John

    To those who despise his youthful looks, I would only note that as a disability, youth is eminently curable. In fact, there is no way not to cure it. So I say he should enjoy his skin while it’s still supple. At least his not shaving his wonderfully lean abs.

  • Zac

    Not to sound like a hater but he does nothing for me. I’d rather have James Magnussen.

  • Chris Letrom


  • Andy

    lol at some of the people on here who apparently think being young is just the most grotesque thing ever

  • Zac

    @Andy, No one is saying that being young is grotesque, but there is a fine line between looking “young” and looking like you’ve just hit puberty like Tom Daley.

  • Josh

    I understand, every guy has their own like and type – but this boy does nothing for me. And that’s why. He looks like somebody stuck some little 14 year old boy’s head on some athletic guy’s body. His face is the least appealing thing to me. The body is decent, but the little boy face and head — just kills it. Sorry Tom, but I’m not “In Heat” for you. Not when there’s men like Phelps, Lochte and Magnussen around.

  • Andy

    I don’t know where you guys are from, but where I’m from, guys who “just hit puberty” definitely do NOT look like this. Is it ’cause he has neatly combed hair? lol Anyway I was happy to see him get Bronze.

  • Phil

    I just wish as with all ‘swimmers/divers’ he didn’t have to shave his chest(y’ll can see the stubble)…And dayum if he doesn’t have a ‘treasure trail’ to if not die for-at least lick to death…And who can resist that smile, or those ‘Clark Kent” good looks with those glasses???…But then that’s just me…

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