Wake-up Call

After an uninspiring weekend, you need something amazing to jumpstart the week – something like furry Peter Sarsgaard running in Manhattan in his micro shorts. I’m sure more shots will surface later, but for now – this one is enough. The natural, perhaps the only reaction to this is to reach for that “Kinsey” DVD and play the Sarsgaard / Neeson scene over and over again.

  • Mckey

    He’s hot!!The older he gets,the hotter he becomes.Just like a wine.

  • Dave

    WOW! Great way to start my week. He’s hot!

  • michael

    are you kidding me? not on his best day or my work. oh, ick

  • rodthehorny

    natural man and regular man is hot on my books don’t care what others say.

  • lordy

    wow, look at those legs…

  • Mallory

    Something about him usually gets me thinking. I dont know if hes hot but he has lots of sexual charisma

  • Phil

    YUM just yum

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