What’s Better than a Sam Trammell? TWO Sam Trammells!

Sam Trammell in True Blood

Last Sunday’s episode of “True Blood” was such a treat for droolers who appreciate the beauty of Sam Merlotte. I mean, we have a cracking ass shot, some shirtlessness and TWO Sam Merlottes! It’s just one step away from perfection if they stopped the tease and give us what we really want – Sam Trammells making out. That would be out of this world. Well at least I have some visuals to help me out with the production of my wet dreams hereafter. Before you spray holy water at me, I’m letting you know that I’m reserving my Joe Manwhore-jello comments for another post, okay?

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Sam Trammell in True Blood

Sam Trammell in True Blood

  • Ryan Gannon

    The face that he does her voice and walk as he leaves the hospital had me pissing myself laughing. I was hoping for some hot Sam Trammell on Sam Trammell action though.

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  • rodthehorny

    I really wanna do bad things and make him feel good at the same time. Yummy Sammy ;p

  • navyboy62

    Sam 2 HOT for works

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