Where Are All the Wealthy Abercrombie Models?

It’s the question we’ve all been asking for before we go to bed at night! The competition for hook-up apps are getting fiercer and fiercer by the minute – so you have to keep your ass ahead of the game at all times. Here’s a funny clip from Mister app (just shut up, okay) featuring a mini Tilda Swinton and although it lacks the furry hotness of RobHeartsDH, it’s pretty much spot on. Watch it after the jump (and also a nice surprise for you, I hope).

Because this post lacks skin (unless you’re into bitchy ginger twink types), here are Sam Trammell’s furry succulent man pecs from last Sunday’s “True Blood”.

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood

Sam Trammell Shirtless in True Blood


  • PC

    I used to like this site…please, just leave the ads to the sidebar.

  • Bob E

    Unless you want to start paying for the site PC,
    or not have it at all, let Square negotiate where the
    ad(s) appear.
    In WebLand,
    Location, Location, Location, = $$$ to the site operator
    If Square needs out help, they’ll ask and I for one will
    answer yes.

  • rodthehorny

    Okay it is finally decided squarehippies is one my fave site ever. That yummy sammy pubes pics made my day right in many ways 🙂

  • Mark

    OK Sam….those are nips I can get my mouth around.

  • I love that Sam doesn’t shave down his pubes!

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