Where the Hot ‘Staches Are

Chad Sanders in Where the Bears Are

Is it bad that as soon as I saw Chad Sanders with his AMAZING pornstache in web series “Where the Bears Are“, my ass headed straight to Google to find out if he has done any porno? Damn you natural reflex! Yes, my mind is dirtier than a London takeaway’s gutter on a hot summer’s night but that’s for a reason you see. Also, Tuc Watkins with a thick mustache should be something permanent. Watch the trailer and first two episodes after the jump. It’s kind of NSFW although no nudity so be warned.

Chad Sanders Shirtless in Where the Bears Are

Chad Sanders in Where the Bears Are

Tuc Watkins in Where the Bears Are

Tuc Watkins in Where the Bears Are

  • bcooper

    oh man, oh man…chad sanders…smiling, with his gun holster and pecs…oh geez, i gotta go in my bunk…now!

  • Liam Patterson

    yeah… this kind of shitty “entertainment” is why they hate us…

  • Mckey

    Those pecs are hot!!I just want to motorboat them!Lol!! 🙂

  • Bro

    Need moar Chad Sanders!

  • Fred

    I hope no children get this mixed up with Where the Wild things are, or this could get really messy…

  • Bob E

    Liam, say what?
    Get thee to a shrink pronto. Like Pussy Galore in James Bond is like
    Death of a Salesman??

  • len

    Bob, Liam is right, and you are seriously wrong.

  • Rick

    Monumentally hawt image of ‘stasche, holster and tie!

    Bob, you are right!

    For the two conformist assimilationists — you shouldn’t be looking at this stuff!!! You’d be much safer watching “Dancing With The Stars”, “Batchlorette”, “Big Brother”, and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, at the same time worrying about how you can keep pleasing your very bestest, straight Christian lady friends – occasionally falling to the floor on your knees, tears streaming from your eyes and wailing, “Please love me, mommy, PUH-LEASE! I won’t be a homo no more! You must love me so I can feel good! Please love me mommy! PLEASE!!!!!”

  • len

    Rick, F.Y.I. I hate those shows.

  • len

    This is the reason why gay films for the most part suck. I’m 54, and the only gay films I enjoy are:
    Get Real
    Latter Days
    A time to leave
    Another Country.
    Most everything else is a cheap sex romp/

  • a-dorable!

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  • Mike

    Rick, you’re a hypocritical prick. Your opinion is not the ONLY opinion, and just because Len has an opinion that differs from yours, then you feel you must attack him and degrade him and treat him like shit. YOU are actually part of the problem as to why gay people are not liked, tolerated and made out to be deviants and child-molesters. You’re definitely NOT part of the solution. And in MY OPINION – this makes you a prick and a hypocrite in my book. You’re the kind who preach of tolerance and equality, and then slam and attack anyone who dares to think or feel differently than you do. Why don’t you go buy a Chick-fil-A sandwich or two and then shove them up your ass?! Have a nice day! Peace and love to you, bro. PS – statement above can also be applied to Bob’s comment as well) And flame away boys, I await your laughable, soon to come, hate-filled rhetoric. Show your true colors for us, OK?

  • Mike

    And yes, I am gay. But I don’t think that overbearingly opinionated gay men, gay militant activists, etc. speak for me or a lot of the gay community. The difference in the original gay rights movement was so different than what it has become and those it has created today. So don’t think that your opinion is the only opinion and that you have a right to speak for us all or a right to attack and berate those who don’t agree with your frame of mind. Just because we’re homosexual and like some of the same things, doesn’t mean we have a hive mind or a collective mentality. Some of us can and DO think differently and have the right to opine just as much as the “loud and obnoxious” gays do.

  • Paul


    These things make me feel I might actually be sexy.

  • scott aka jeep_driver

    don’t cry paul. i bet you are sexy as can be…my tastes are not typical but i trust mr square biz more than anyone else. i admit that i find the occasional “unibrow” a huge turn on, so there you have it. this moustakioed little bear naked man is truly right down my alley. i won’t spoil the fantasy by watching the episode on vimeo!

  • Forrest

    He balloons… One day he’s fat, the next day he’s skinny. And he’s a total dickead. Just sayin.

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