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Gordon Ramsay Shirtless in Hotel Hell

Fox’s “Hotel Hell” is basically the American “Hotel Inspector” with extra dosage of vulgarity or simply put, “Kitchen Nightmares” in a hotel. I’m sure some of you have watched the premiere, so I’m curious if you would actually check into Gordon Ramsay’s room and not check out until the next day? To answer your question – yes, I would. His face might resemble a piece of leftover crepe paper from the craft class and will probably throw words like “donkey”, “bollocks” and “muppet” throughout the night but sadly, I still would.

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless in Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless in Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless in Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay Shirtless in Hotel Hell

  • Nick

    Yeah sadly I would too, I don’t know there’s just something about him that I find attractive.

  • Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe. But, if you are going to feature a Brit whose attitude is abrasive, + face is hit-or-miss, but whose body is ripped + who has an attractive daddy quality, Chef Robert Irvine. Go, go, go…

  • @Fredo My libido sends its thanks to you.

  • Tom

    OK, let’s have some shots of Irvine. Anyway, as for Gordon Ramsey? I wouldn’t throw him out of bed 🙂

  • Bob E

    No, happily I would not.
    The man is vile.
    Hey guys, your standards, your standards!?
    He looks perpetually pissed off even when he has
    stopped cutting some chef dude’s dick off with an
    expensive German meat cleaver.

  • Ron

    Nope, wouldn’t hit that at all…

  • Anne Noise

    Yeah, totally. I like him better clothed, but would definitely not kick him out of my bed. Love his fucked up Rugby-pummeled old man face.

  • Jack

    Only reason I won’t throw him to the dogs is that I can’t see what all of his attributes are.

  • Boris

    No I would not… This guy takes WAY too much pleasure at destroying others… He may have genuine concerns, but it not a reason to yell at people like he does all the time…

  • Lolito

    No, thanks, I’ll pass.
    I don’t exactly know who he is but his face is atrocious.
    Looks unhappy, depressed…

  • Zac

    I find him MILDLY attractive. His “attitude” is only for american television, when I watch him on BBC he is such a softy, totally lovable.

  • YES!

    YES – I Would hit it!! You didn’t post any of the hot pictures of his ass in the jeans he wore the whole show… he has the sexiest ass and legs and bulge. YES!! haha

  • Alex

    I’d totally let him do me in bed, on the couch, on the counter, etc.

  • I’d do it just so that I could say I did it =)

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