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Model types rarely appear on this site, but when they do – it’s basically like Christmas. This is Arnaud in French gay rag Sensitif (via ACDG). With a face and body like that, who gives a rat’s ass about his last name? According to my translator (how can you live before Google I don’t know), Arnaud is a server in one of the well-known gay establishments in Paris. French servers are the best ever because they probably look like this all the time. Apart from the obvious, Arnaud has something I haven’t seen in a long while – gingery scruff, without you know, being an actual ginger. The only thing to do next is put a do not disturb sign on your door and get, uhm… SENSITIF. Of course.

Arnaud Shirtless on Sensitif Magazine

Arnaud Shirtless on Sensitif Magazine

Arnaud Shirtless on Sensitif Magazine

Arnaud Shirtless on Sensitif Magazine

Arnaud Shirtless on Sensitif Magazine

  • Rando

    WOW! Great find. Easily one of the most attractive nobodies I’ve ever seen. The things I would do to that man. The handsome, scruffy, fit types…. fuck me.

  • Mark

    That young Richard Gere-ish face is beautiful!Also his pecs and cute nipples are smiling at us!

  • Ooooooooooh!!! I love that chest and that face!!!<3

  • Amit

    Well, hello.

  • Formidable!! Great!! . So natural and great hairy body. He can cook my meal anytime

  • I’d lock the doors and get so sensitif!
    Gingery scruff, another thing to look for from now on. totally amazed me.


  • Boris


  • Mark

    Maybe it’s because I’ve never seen this guy before, but at first glance I could not help but exclaim (in my very best Blanche Devereaux) “Oh my!”

    More, please. NOW!

  • Martymoose

    Wow!!, I’ve just had to make him my wallpaper and screensaver!! 🙂

  • michael

    you could get serious rug burn on that.
    he is a beauty tho.

  • Tom

    Holy mother of God!

  • Steve

    Vive la France! Vive la figure jolie, les bras forts, et la poitrine francaise poilue!

  • KarmaLysing

    Dang… And he’s fuzzy too… Just… DANG

  • Sammy

    I LOVE HIM – please find more! And a last name ;P

  • DoverDavid

    Very yummy, he can be posted here any time.

  • QCNiceGuy

    Ooo la la! That man made me weak in the knees! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • David Hollingsworth

    Thank You God! This just made my week. I’m going to need a minute, or two.

  • jeffspot

    Hello salty goodness!

  • someguy

    bass pro shops?? really?

    a bit skinny. but cute.

  • Kirk

    I just saw this guy 2 months ago in Paris, he’s absolutely dreamy but I must say he looks even hotter live. I even touches his chest when I was a little bit wasted, but I think he didn’t quite like that haha he works at Raidd Bar in Le Marais, you can see more pics of him in you find the club’s page on Facebook

  • Darbari

    Lastname: Dehaynin … Arnaud Dehaynin. Thanks Kirk and Facebook.

  • You guys are the best stalkers ever!

  • Mike

    Super hot, thanks so much square. His hairy chest and stomach are super tasty, the bass pro hat is awkward though lol. Definitely going in my bookmarks!


  • ADAM

    and HE isn t famous toooo, WOW !!!!

    HE IS NOW……………….!


  • JeffAT

    OMG!! I totally remember this bartender from my trip to Paris last year!
    He was coming to SF for Folsom St. Fair and wanted all kinds of travel advice.
    I was having a hard time focusing on the advice I was giving… then when he asked if my partner and I would be back in SF by then I just about lost my shit!
    Sadly we were not back home for Folsom that year… :-((((((((((

  • Arkcub

    Yes! Yes!! A thousand, no… A million times, YES!! Now, excuse me while I go get my DND sign…

  • MikeyM

    I wanna know where he got that necklace.
    Cutie boy.

  • hairystud

    He might have some Irish roots. There are actually a lot of dirty blonde, light brown, or dark haired Irish guys who when they grow out their beard have a reddish tint to it, even though the rest of their body hair is brown-ish. It is very hot.

  • John

    Totally sensational! No dispute about that. Only wondering if this is genetically equivalent to an Irish chest, as hairystud suggested.

    I don’t know about Arnaud’s mother’s family, of course, but his last name -DeHaynin — appears to originate from far northern France & Belgium — the land Julius Caesar described as the home of the Belgae. According the Wiki article on the Belgae, the ethnic name Belgae comes from the Proto-Celtic root *belg- or *bolg- meaning “to swell”… derived ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root *bhelgh- “to swell, bulge, billow”) which pretty much describes what happens to certain parts of my anatomy when looking at Arnaud’s pix.

    I left out certain tedious academic details, but the Irish link is as follows:

    “T.F. O’Rahilly claims in his invasion model that a branch of the Belgae also settled in Ireland…. [He says that] memories of this were preserved in later Irish tradition, and also makes an elaborate linguistic case. According to his theory, the name of the legendary Fir Bolg (whom O’Rahilly identifies with the Érainn) is the Irish equivalent of Belgae.”

  • scott aka jeep_driver

    i agree with someguy, he’s a touch too skinny for my tastes but yummy nonetheless…wish i could pickle some of that there ginger!

  • Phil

    That man can do(or make me do)anything he wants to to me…

  • Leonel

    Ahh, papá! atragantame con tu poronga y llename la boca de guasca…

  • Thatguy

    Dayum, he’s freakin delectable. Really wanna see naked pictures of him because I’m curious if he has any ginger pubes! ;D

  • Jasper

    His eyes, his smile, those lips, his long furry torso, and that skinny little ass. WOW, he’s GORGEOUS!

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