It is yucky and absolutelyfuckinghorrible from where I live (which is quite the usual for a Sunday), so the only thing to do is to shut the curtains, wrap yourself in something warm, get the tissue box and devour these shots of a very shirtless and wet Scott Caan on the beach being the hairy furball that he always is with your eyeballs and pretend that he’s on his way to your room to warm you up and more. If that’s not the longest sentence ever, I don’t know what is.

  • Eric

    Oh. My. God. That is pretty much one of the sexiest things I have ever seen in my entire life. Now that is what I’m talking about! That hairy chest has me drooling over here! hahaha I just want to lick every inch of this mans body! So sexy!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Hairy. Just like his daddy was.

  • Bob E

    I think Scott is checking for Just For Men leakage in that last photo.

  • JuanCarlos

    Sexy, Sexy, sexy!!
    There’s nothing like wet fur!!!!
    I love this man, is so manly, hot and would love to touch every inch of this man’s body, from that fantastic hairy chest to his hairy balls!!

  • Boris

    I wish he would do at least on episode of Hawaii 5-O shirtless like that, but with just some short shorts that were fashionable in the 80’s…

  • Donn
  • Donn

    And those who wish his shorts were a bit tighter

  • suzysoo

    Not orignally a huge Scott fan (watched HFO for the O’Loughlin hotness) but Caan is growing on me in a big way. I cant wait for the episode with him and Alex shirtless and surfing. Oh the show is good to us!

  • AMAZING!!!!!!

  • DoverDavid

    Hot buttered freakin YUM!!!!

  • Warren

    I love Scott Caan ever since he was nude except the cowboy hat in Varsity Blues.

  • Magomike

    Best shot I have ever done. Wow! Sexy

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