Happy to See You Too

Today is brought to you by mah husband (that’s Jon Hamm to you newbies) fully clothed via Dlisted. Fortunately underwear doesn’t really have to be included to achieve the term ‘fully clothed’. Not that I’m all that surprised since you know, he’s mah husband and all. In conclusion – THANK YOU, GOD.



  • undapantsman

    /fans self

    Oh my, that just made my day! And that Bridesmaids clip at the bottom topped it off nicely. =]

  • Wow. VPL never looked so good.

  • Badwolf

    Sah-weeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can he do that a little more often?;)

  • Larryne

    OH MY GOD! His dick looks huge! And it isn’t even fully hard! Fuck me!!!

  • Jack

    My apologies for being crude… but my sphincter is all aflutter at the sight of that.

  • BADKarma

    I see he dresses right. In more than one sense of the term. Badum-bum. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

  • He’s gorgeous but if it’s possibile his cock seems even better!!!

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Well, we knew he was handsome… and hirsute…. and, now, we have proof positive that he’s hung like a pony. The triple imperative. Thank you Jesus.

  • Mark

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    That’s one Hamm I’d swallow whole. Jon … call me.

  • Eric

    Oh. My. God. This seriously just made my entire day! Now we have prove that Jon is very, very hung! He just looking at the pictures has me hard! What I would give have him!

  • mercury

    After hearing those rumors about him perpetually cheating on his long-term GF with his co-star(s), I kind of can’t deal with this guy. He’s not even THAT hot outside of Mad Men.

  • DJ

    WOW! His cock is HUGE! And its not even hard. I would love to swallow that!!

  • Josh

    Holy shit! His cock is huge and it’s not even hard yet! What I wouldn’t give to suck Jon Hamm’s big cock! Seriously though, Jon has become even sexier now that we have actual proof that his cock is huge! His wife is one lucky woman!

  • scott

    nice…..wow, really nice…

  • JoeBlow

    He’s very much aware that he’s showing major box. That is so hot.

  • scottay


  • michael

    very sexy, but that cant be comfortable with pants rubbing constantly like that.

  • Tom

    Holy God. I’ll see him in a completely different way when I’m watching Mad Men ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike

    The Hammster goes commando, huh?
    Good to know.

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    You people REALLY need to recognize when an image has been Photoshopped! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DoverDavid

    Well what a sweet piece of meat to start my work week. Yummy!

  • lordy

    don’t know if it’s ‘shopped or not, but it certainly adds to my fantasies!

  • ozz

    The pic is not Photoshoped its real. There are plently of pictures like that. Its also knowned that he does not wear underwear.

  • bcooper

    it’a a monster, and i hope it attacks me!

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    Speaking as a professional graphic designer that has been “photoshopping” for over 20 years, YES, that image WAS “photoshopped”. Come on, people. Yes, you’d LOVE to have it BE real for your own horny fantasy, but unfortunately it just is NOT a “real” untouched image.

    This is yet another example of just how GULLIBLE the sheeple are and how they will absolutely FIGHT to deny reality if it isn’t what they want. Wanting that photo to be real for your own masturbatory fantasies is one thing, but CHOOSING to clamp on to fantasy instead of accepting reality just shows how stubbornly ignorant you CHOOSE to be. Sad and pathetic. That’s how rePIGlicans end up in positions of power.

  • @Fruit for Peace

    Calm down. We’re all on this site because we want to look at hot pics of men for our “masturbatory fantasies” + if that’s not why you’re here, you’re wasting your time (+ ours).

  • pcd

    but this picture first appeared on some pretty reliable sites such as justjared so… i don’t know

  • Fruit-for-Peace

    Fredo, bitch pa-LEASE! Why I or anyone else is “here” is irrelevant. The point is, “Don’t be so freaking gullible!”

  • Joshua

    Who cares if it’s real or not? Let’s just pretend it is.. Maybe Ryan Gosling will follow suit.

  • ozz

    There’s tons of pictures showing his HUGE bulge. I doubt that every photographer had time to Photoshop their pictures, they were also shot at different times.

  • Josh

    @ozz: Exactly! It is basically a known fact that Jon Hamm goes commando in his everyday life. If you take a look at any photo of him when he is going commando, you can tell that he has a big cock. It’s just that big that it’s obvious. I don’t think think every single photo out there of Jon has been photoshopped with a huge penis. They don’t have the time for that. Besides, these photos are seen some pretty official websites too. I am almost positive these photos are not photoshopped, as it’s obvious in all his other commando photos that he is very well endowed.

    Even if they were photoshopped, who cares? Clearly we are all here for the same reason. Let us have our fun hahahaa

  • Jack

    The pics are obviously photoshopped. The first one reminds me of the Shroud of Turin, lol. Do you really think you’d be able to see the outline of the head of his dick so clearly through fabric like that? Try it at home.

  • Tom

    So Fruit, why are you here, except to show us how good you are at a rant? What the hell does this have to do with politics, sheeple or Republicans? Get a life already. And I don’t really care if you’re a graphic designer or a Photoshop expert.

  • @ Fruit-for-Peace – “The point is, โ€œDonโ€™t be so freaking gullible!โ€”

    No the point is… shut up.

  • jimminy

    first pic, lady with blue scarf…is that Beavis’ mom? she’s hawt!

  • holloway

    dude’s got some serious junk up front. it must be gigantic when excited. how does he control dribble or leakage?

  • TCM

    Re: Fruit-for-Peace

    Guys, guys, don’t feed this very obvious obvious troll. I’ve honestly never even seen someone try so hard to troll. Don’t let him get you going.

  • Warren

    @ Jimminy – I noticed the lady with the blue scarf too. Funny. LOL

    When I first saw this pic, I immediately thought photoshopped as well. Especially the way the fabric is so smoothed out along the shaft and the head is so visible. But when you look at the other pics in the series, you see the fabric smoothed out and the bulge of his dick head is still pretty obvious, just not as clear. So I don’t know.

    I’m leaning towards someone “enhanced” the first photo to make what we’re looking at a little clearer. Kind of like NASA does on some of those Hubble photographs of star clusters and nebulas. Either way, it’s a fun pic and a great controversy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for posting it.

  • rodthehorny


  • badboy

    I never really got into Jon Hamm but after i seen these pictures of him i cannot get enough of him i have to see these hot photos of him every day makes my mouth water every time i see these pics nothing mad about this man.

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  • everybody

    I wanna go ham on that piece of Hamm!

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