How Does This Make You Feel?

Here’s a freshly released still of Hugh Jackman as Wolvering that has been making rounds on the internet faster than that delicious piece of fried chicken travels into your cakehole. I don’t know, it’s good that he’s furry and all but those veins are only good for taking blood samples – not for sexy times!

Hugh Jackman Shirtless as Wolverine

  • Bob E

    Hugh knows that he needs to looked super-ripped
    for his character Wolverine. This just shows what a
    dedicated actor he is. When he’s between projects
    he gets back to his sweet, furry, smart, handsome

  • Boris

    That makes me feel like… well… drooling, maybe

  • len

    Cold. Too rough looking. And such visable veins make me squeamish.

  • I cant believe this man is shooting this film around here, we’re so close and yet I dont see a ring on his finger with my name on it. So frustrating.


  • michael

    ok, thats gone past the point of sexy. now, he’s lost his individual hotness and gone over the edge into an area where the men all look that way.

  • bo_s

    This makes me feel aroused.

  • jeremy

    He’s still hot to me (and I’m not typically into bodybuilding vein poppin’ either). I just wish Aronofsky was still on board as director, but he’s working on what is shaping up to be a crazy ass version of Noah so I’m still happy.

  • Tom P

    makes me feel shivery and wet. the lighting and ‘shopping may emphasize the veins. Look for the recent pic of him on the beach…looks hot, hot, hot and not so veiny.

  • Boris

    An you do realize that this image is HEAVILY photoshopped…

  • J. Kirk Heard

    It makes me feel that no one wants to look at men of color and that the perfect gay man is always represented by a white guy. There is no equality left in the gay community.

  • Downsouthbear

    I’ll take him anyway I can get him. Rough, clean cut, long hair, short, singing dancing, acting, standing around fully clothed or naked as the day is long. he makes every part of me tingle.

  • rodthehorny


  • luscious

    to be entered from behind by him, all veiny and hard…with those wolverine claws digging into my shoulders while his sculpted abs rub against by lower back…

  • buckierd

    He wins me anytime…Did I say THAT??? It’s the evil in me…I wish!!!

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