Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

We know that Jonny Lee Miller never disappoints in the follicle department, so it’s only natural to get his shirt off to kickstart his new series “Elementary” on CBS. These caps came from reader Jeff who understands our need for something cute and hairy and I cannot thank him enough. If seeing his hairy arms gives me the tingles, you can only imagine what damage this would do  down under. Now excuse me while I shrink myself to the size of a pea and live on that lush magical forest on Jonny’s chest.

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary

  • armpitguy

    i’ve always loved jonny lee and his delicious hairiness! please, let’s all watch this show so it will survive the chopping block!!!!!!!! WUF

  • Bob E

    Take a look at the flick Hackers to see what this sweetness looked like
    a bit younger.

  • sparks

    I was very relieved to actually enjoy the show, knowing I won’t have to suffer through mediocrity to watch Jonny Lee strut about.

    He is DREAMY. Angelina was a fool to let him slip away. :p

  • I want to lick that chest!xD

  • Ryon

    his cheat hair looks like a work of art, and I don’t normally like hairy guys.

  • Eric

    What I wouldn’t give to lick his chest and suck those nipples! hahaha He is too hot! I love his chest hair pattern too. lol He is too hot!

  • Okcspooge

    I first noticed Miller when he played Daisy’s dreamy “toy boy” in an early 90s episode of “Keeping up Appearances.” He keeps getting better.

    Time to watch “Trainspotting” again. A film with characters named “Rentboy” (Ewan McGregor) and “Sickboy” (Miller) can do no wrong.

    Thank you again, Square.

  • Jack

    I have LUSTED after Jonny Lee Miller since I saw Hackers the first time.

    There’s a BEAUTIFUL (but short) shirtless scene of him in Plunkett & Macleane.

    But I do think what we got to see in Elementary has to be one of the best to date.

    And thank you *SO* much Mr. Squarehippie for putting them up on line for us.

  • love his sexy chest hair pattern! It just swirls around, so soft!!! mmmmmm!

  • michael

    i could seriously loose my heart to a “normal” looking guy like this. those deep eyes, just the right amount of tatoo’ing, just the right amount of fur, not over-built, not under-built. he’s just dead solid perfect. at least for me. 🙂

  • Yowza

    For those of you who like a bit of bondage thrown into the mix, he takes a good solid bull whipping in Dead Man Walking, a mid-90s made-for-TV miniseries. He looks hairy, sweaty and delicious under the lash.

  • John

    He is so hot/ He can take me anytime. The body, the chest, the nipples, the face, FANTASTIC. Would love a cock shot.


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