Just Not the Face, Please

If you feel like something is not right lately, it’s because we haven’t basked in the beauty of Matt Bomer for a while. Worry not, because these promo stills from next week’s episode of “White Collar” will make you all better. It says “Gloves Off”, but what we’re actually thinking is “Gloves, Shorts, Undies and Everything Else Off”. Nothing like a bit of cheese on a Friday morning. Tim DeKay (which is equally delicious in a whole different way) better be extra careful not to mess his beautimous face or else there will be riots on the streets!

Matt Bomer Shirtless Boxing in White Collar

Matt Bomer Shirtless Boxing in White Collar

Tim DeKay Shirtless Boxing in White Collar

Tim DeKay Shirtless Boxing in White Collar

Matt Bomer Shirtless Boxing in White Collar

  • Matt

    The finest human specimen ever created and a hell of sweet guy.

  • Jay

    Well, this is the most delightfully erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Steve

    Because you can never have too much Matt Bomer.

  • Mark

    Gorgeous face but small nips.Who cares when your face is that beautiful!

  • Bro

    Honestly, I would prefer his opponent, but I’d still…
    …hit it…

  • KarmaLysing

    Mr. DeKay has more freckles than you can shake a stick at. I like that.

  • Christopher

    Matt B. shirtless and quite sweaty. what’s not to like. 🙂

    speaking of which. in both season #1 and #2 of “White
    Collar” Matt B. had a decent number of shirtless scenes.
    yet in the 16 episodes of season #3 he had a grand
    total of 1 count ’em 1 shirtless scene. the reason i
    bring this up is simple. season#4 isn’t even over yet
    and Matt. B has already had a decent number of shirt-
    less scenes. so what was the reason behinde the virtual
    un-shirtlessness of season#3?

  • Joe

    definitely wouldn’t kick Matt Bomer out of bed, but I prefer Tim DeKay. yum

  • Eric

    Matt Bomer <333 He really isn't my type, as he doesn't have chest hair and his nipples are too small, but there is something about him that I find so unbelievably sexy! I definitely wouldn't kick him out of bed!

  • florida33771

    Perfection and desireable

  • A sexy daddy (kidds to prove it) who is out and proud.

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  • J

    Tim DeKay FTW! 😀

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  • Jasper

    Bomer has an interesting, if not rare, combination of prettiness and masculinity that has me gagag over him, even though he’s smooth. Dekay is very hot and handsome; have adored him since Carnivàle, or even back to Seinfeld. These two together are such a “Whoa! which one to jump first?” combination. Damn, wouldn’t some scenes of them together naked – even a love affair, be incredibly HOTHOHTOHOT????

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