Not Quite Scruff, Not Yet a Beard

So Ben Affleck has managed to have a full on scruff / beard combo without looking like a homeless person for once and while it’s all good that he’s ageing gracefully, why is there zero shirtlessness in his Details spread? Why is noone ready… Nothing wrong with showing a bit of skin in autumn! Whatever it is, he’s still got that ‘I’m going to spend my minimal college fund to buy this magazine just because he’s looking at me like that’ effect on me. Also, his “Argo” look gets my seal of approval.

Ben Affleck in Details Magazine

Ben Affleck in Details Magazine

Ben Affleck in Details Magazine

  • Tom

    What a sexy man. I always thought he was hotter than Matt Damon. I hope this movie is a hit for him.

  • Bob

    There is no need to compare Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. They grew-up in Boston and have been best of friends since childhood. They both have their seperate careers and are not in compition with each other.

  • Tom

    Well Bob, I did, and your opinion on the matter is irrelevant. There ya go.

  • Bob E

    He looks better in the trailer than in his off-screen look even
    with the beard-lite. Shaves years off his age to have longer
    hair. If you don’t have the baldness gene, flaunt it!

  • hairystud

    Love the trimmed beard. And I totally agree with Bob E. If you don’t have the baldness gene, then flaunt it!

  • Nick

    @Bob E Keep in mind that film lighting is made to make actors look better, and sometimes younger. Ben looked horrible off screen with that hair and not the least bit younger.

  • Bob

    TOM You’ve been gone sooo long No one knows you ever were a person who had stupid ideas that you thought were smart.

  • Bob

    Only you think that you have something to say

  • Boris

    I’m with Bob on the Tom-being-rude-as-a-donkey…

    And I’m also with Bob on the Ben-is-sexy, and Matt also! AAMOF, I’d love to see the home-movie of those two when they were intimate!

  • Okcspooge

    Girls, don’t fuss. You’re all pretty enough to win.

    Love the pics of Affleck. I’ve been a big fan of both guys since “Good Will Hunting.” Glad they’re still enjoying success, and that they’ve stayed out of trouble.

    Thank you, Square.

  • David

    WOW…have never seen such divisive comments on this site before…nevertheless….I think that Ben Affleck is the hottest man I have seen in a long time….I’ve had the biggest crush on him since I first saw him in Good Will Hunting.

  • Tom

    You know, I made one statement that was an opinion. I know these guys are friends and it would seem that Matt kind of made it bigger. I love them both but Ben is the hotter of the 2. It’s my opinion. That is all I said. Then Bob comes along on the attack. Don’t tell me I’m rude when I respond to it, for fuck sake.

  • Bob

    The comment section is just that.
    You stated yours and commented that I wished that the two guys shouldn’t constantly be compared, like they were in competion with each other.
    Sorry that you feel that only your comments are valid and mine are irrelevant.

  • Larry

    I wouldn’t kick either of their asses out of my bed given even the remotest chance. They have both morphed into hot daddies and I’d take em on any day!

  • Bob

    Thanks Boris

  • mike

    i saw him in The Town the other night. His body was in good shape back then and he only shirted for like 10 seconds. is he one of those i dont like to show myself actors? too bad, hes a handsome guy.

  • Hotter than ever!!!!!

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