Presenting The X Factor Celebrity Doppelgangers

Matt Defreitas on X Factor

While everyone else have to put their asses to work on the other side of the pond, I trust that you all are enjoying the Labour Day weekend in the US of Amurricah. Just to spare the thought of others, here’s a list of non-celebrities who look like celebrities on last week’s “The X Factor” UK. I stopped watching talent shows back in my late 20s (shock horror) but with these hot contestants and Mel B being a total megabitch, this season might be worth a watch. Just for the fun of it, I’ll let you decide who looks like who.


Matt Defreitas on X Factor

Matt Defreitas on X Factor


Taylor Breslin on X Factor

Taylor Breslin on X Factor


Joseph Wheelan on X Factor

Joseph Wheelan on X Factor

  • bo_s

    I want number 3.

    I guess most people who visits this site wants number 3 as well.

  • szoszo

    1. either the biebs or bruno mars
    2. teen zac efron or daniel radcliffe?
    3. ??? who did you think of? i feel like i’m insulting anyone who pops into my mind.

  • I’ll take #2 – He’s got great eyes!!!!!

  • len

    1 and 2 are perfect…..3 is ok.

  • Liam Tait

    I liked the Jake lad, he was pretty hot. If you take a look about the internet there are some pretty interesting pics of number 3.

  • Billt

    4 is either Kris Allen or Matthew Lewis

  • Official answers:

    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Zac Efron
    3. Jon Hamm (please agree)

  • Dave

    1. BJ Novak
    2. Harry Potter
    3. Chris Allen

  • Dave

    1. also looks like the realtor from Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing LA

  • SZK

    I think they were supposed to be:
    1) Justin Bieber
    2) Daniel Radcliffe
    3) Channing Tatum (although he does look like Kris Allen too)

  • Funky Malone

    1. Justin Bieber
    2. Daniel Radcliffe
    3. James Franco

  • Dylan

    1. No idea…Justin Bieber?
    2. Daniel Radcliffe.
    3. A little like Ryan Gosling in that second photo…

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