Self-indulgent Post No. 2,268

Justin Bartha in The New Normal

Look, I know it’s my sole responsibility to keep posting hot men for the masses to drool at, but let’s not forget that this joint started as a personal website 6 years ago okay? These non-shirtless but highly adorkable caps of my forever boyfriend Justin Bartha from this week’s “The New Normal” might mean nothing to you, but for once I don’t really care. Yes, the show is on the border of unfunny and excessive cliches but I will still schedule my eyeballs to be transfixed to the screen hoping to see some skin from him. One can only hope.


Justin Bartha in The New Normal

Justin Bartha in The New Normal

Justin Bartha in The New Normal

Justin Bartha in The New Normal

Justin Bartha in The New Normal

  • Tom

    I’ve had the hots for this guy ever since National Treasure 🙂

  • DoverDavid

    I haven’t seen any chest hair peeking out of the V neck. Hope he didn’t shave it off.

  • bo_s

    (sorry for the caps. I need to emphasise my point)

  • mfarris70

    No face or body is good enough to sit through that 30 mins of crap.

  • rob

    He is so ridiculously adorable I can’t contain myself.

  • Alex P

    Square, I agree Justin is just plain adorkable!! Loved him in the tank top in episode 2! also what about the hottie he punched in this episode he was quite hot as well!! his name was christopher wolfe

  • Beagz

    My apologies, Square.
    For a split-second, I thought the picture on the main screen was of Joseph Millson.

    I suppose that means I should probably take that crash course of All Things Bartha. I will probably be assigned extra homework. If I need some help, I’ll give you a call, ‘kay?

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