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Chris Evans on Becoming: Chris Evans

Here’s Chris Evans getting interviewed on “Becoming: Chris Evans”. Do you guys catch what he was talking about at all? I mean, I watched the clips twice but I think I only understood about 5% and can barely put the words together, because there are TOO MANY DISTRACTIONS. And please, no why is he not shirtless comments. We’re all adults and I’m sure we can quietly go here, here, here and beyond to get our fix.

Chris Evans on Becoming: Chris Evans

Chris Evans on Becoming: Chris Evans

Chris Evans on Becoming: Chris Evans

Also, appropriately (via ONTD).

Chris Evans Orgasm

  • passerby

    the .gif photo, what film is that from? yummy as always!!!

  • LouLou

    That gif…oh my! Lol.

  • Daz

    Beautiful words from a beautful man.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Square, I completely get what he was talking about. I think he ‘s a very articulate, intelligent man with clear thinking patterns. I don’t know what you missed.
    And remember, when he takes those clothes off, he’s one hell of a hunk. Beauty with brains.

  • bo_s

    Oh. My. God. Beauty in the shape of a man.

  • Very philosophical man, now i get why i love that guy so much 🙂

  • Eric

    I love this man! And I’m loving the .gif too! If I’m not mistaken, the .gif is from his movie “London.”

  • KarmaLysing

    Wannabuyaduck, sweetums, if the sarcasm jumped up and latched onto your genitals, would you get it then?

  • sparks

    One of the hottest guys on the planet, inside and out.

    Jesus it’s hot in here. Need to check AC..

  • Bro

    How can you not love this guy?

  • I think his brother is alot hotter!

  • I think his brother is al ot hotter!

  • Glendon

    Another reason to love Chris Evans 🙂

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  • LyL

    He actually seems more than just a pretty body
    Good for him 🙂

  • TrimmingIsACrime

    That Gif file is HAWT

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