Terms of Endowment

Today is brought to you by Jon Hamm looking absolutely stunning in a suit. Since this is not fucking GQ, a fully clothed mah husband on here can only mean one thing and ONLY one thing. Click away, my minions!

  • He’s so beautiful in suit!!
    And his pants …. in that point …. GOSH!

  • Eric Beutter

    It doesn’t get any better than this! Whew, somebody bring me a tissue.

  • Eric

    Never in my life have I ever been so turned on by a fully clothed man! Just seeing that huge bulge in his pants has me going crazy! His wife is one lucky woman! I’m already hard just looking at this!

  • ozz

    Seriously there isn’t a hotter man in this planet than him. Well at least in my book. Gawd I want him so bad. I hope people don’t start saying that his bulge was photoshoped again.

  • BADKarma

    Yep, still dressing left…

  • Umm, yeah. I’d be wearing that grin too.

  • michael

    im speechless. well, almost. ok, so now that the public has been teased to the point of insanity, why doesnt someone hire a p/i to get nake photos?

  • Tom

    So is this one Photoshopped?

  • danny

    Until that bulge can be proven, I choose to believe that Jon Hamm’s schlong is not photoshopped and is, indeed, legendarily large. After all, the fantasy of what I think I see better than letting it pass as faked, n’est pas?

  • sparks

    Even without the eyecatching bulge, he’s actually quite stunningly handsome in these shots! The photographer definitely did him justice.

  • Ron

    Looks like he goes commando! (Thank God)

  • rodthehorny

    sexy FUCKER ever blahhhhh!!!!

  • god he is so HOT in that suit!!!

  • TJ

    Looks great, second only to Matt Bomer in a suit.

  • TJ

    Looks great, second only to Matt Bomer in a suit.

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