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Jayson Blair Shirtless in The New Normal

Two episodes in, “The New Normal” has blessed us with a quick shot of Jayson Blair capped by Superherofan which I feel needs to be mandatory every week. I’m still waiting for the elusive skin scene of Justin Bartha but as long as they keep showing us Jayson in his pair of tighty whity, I’ll remain semi content. And thank you to the person who told him to wear those boots although it doesn’t make a lot of sense unless he’s ready the next scene at Sean Cody.

Jayson Blair Shirtless in The New Normal

Jayson Blair Shirtless in The New Normal

  • mfarris70

    He’d have to be naked and erect for me to watch any more of that crappy show.

  • Bob E

    Well, the two guys trying to make a go of it with some humor
    is pretty much what you are going to get mfarris70. I think you better
    go back to your porno.

  • bo_s

    Square, you need to post screencaps of Justin’s face. That face alone made me giddy!

  • mercury

    Jayson even looks better than the last set. Sorry, I refuse to watch that show – it’s pretty offensive (there’s a clear line) and bordering on racist. Typical Ryan Murphy fodder.

  • jamesintoronto

    And how exactly is the show racist? It may not be realistic but I thought it was funny, topical and brave in this Romney/Ryan age. I will never understand how gay men are so dismissive of other successful gay men like Ryan Murphy. He has made us more visible to the American public and visibility is the key to change. You can shout about stereotypes but can you honestly tell me that you’ve never met any gay guys like the ones depicted in The New Normal?

  • michael

    so, i hate to be the elephant in the room, but the first thing i thought was “god, what crappy taste in decorating he has”. my second thought was “how staged can this possibly be”? i mean seriously. what man takes off all his clothes, puts his construction boots back on and gets into bed? i mean what audience is this particular piece of staging meant to appeal to? is this the new normal? AND the soles arnt even worn or dirty. common people….

  • joey

    Love him in those white underwear! So hot! All men should wear them!

  • Garreth

    The last photo made me think like he’s wearing nothing but shoes.

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