This is What Tom Daley’s Doing Now

This could be the only post that has a non-shirtless Tom Daley in it. Shock horror. If you’re losing sleep over the whereabouts of Tom Daley, well he stopped taking his clothes off  for once and went back to college in Plymouth wearing an ill fitting school uniform like it’s 1994. Boo. I think we all know that exception must be made for Tom NOT to wear any kind of clothing because he’s like allergic to fabric, or something. The only thing he’s allowed to wear is that pair of near invisible speedos!

  • Mallory

    Good for him. Get back to school, learn something.

  • Bob E

    He deserves the very best and I hope he goes after it like he did the gold.

  • Eboy

    I often see this young man. In fact I was standing near to him at our local pool yesterday while he changed into his school uniform after doing his synchro practice during his lunch break. I bet you guys are envious.

    Last week I saw him signing autographs for a group of girls and women. Afterwards I heard one of the women remark that he was very nice young man with no “airs and graces”; which he is.

    A few days ago he and Ruta his school mate and Lithuanian Olympic Gold Medalist, pictured with him above, along with other Plymouth Olympians and Paralympians, took part in an open top bus tour of the city for which thousands of people turned out to see.

  • Okcspooge

    Thank you for the nice post, Square. I’ve never seen him with clothes.

    I love Tom, and I’m happy for his success. Wish him many more achievements in school. I hope there are no tattoo parlors in Plymouth.

    And thank you, Eboy, for the insight. He does seem like a nice young man.

  • Nick

    For some reason, he looks a lot better here than he did in the heat magazine shoot. I notice his hair is shorter and he’s not wearing those ridiculous glasses. Maybe that’s it…

  • Eboy

    You’e too late Okcspooge, Tom has had the Olympic rings tattooed on the inside of his upper right arm. I hate tattoos, but having the Olympic symbol to signify that you have been an Olympian, and his case a medallist, is an exception.

  • Sam Archer

    Ooh, just like a real-life Harry Potter!!

  • Rob-Bear

    I’d like to give him detention

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