Time for Some of Eddie McClintock’s Beefy Pecs

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

This is for all of you who prefer men with more meat, me included. My eyes are failing me, but did he trim a little too far for the boxing scene in the latest episode of “Warehouse 13” (arguably hotter than this one). If that’s so – Eddie, put the trimmer down and please abandon wearing clothes permanently. Here are some caps by Superherofan from recent episodes and it is such a shame after all this time the lighting for all his shirtless scenes remains the same.

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

Eddie McClintock Shirtless in Warehouse 13

  • WMassGuy

    One word: WOOF!

  • ipty

    Seriously, he has no business being here.


  • michael

    gods, i love a beefy guy like that. i like to KNOW ive been rolled over on. dont like the reedy, twiggy ones that just break when you play with them.

  • SZK

    Definitely a hottie. If I ever saw him with full-grown chest hair, I might just spontaneously orgasm.

  • Eric

    He is wayyy too “beefy” for me.I like the little bit of chest hair he has, though. Other than the small amount of chest hair, I don’t really like anything else.

  • bo_s

    Yes! Absolutely yes!

    (FYI, he asked for my hand)

  • Sammy

    He is beyond sexy. I really want to feast on those pecs!

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    Most attractive, in that hot-guy-next-door way, not in the preened-and-toned-and-spray-tanned-to-death male model way. I would hit that, repeatedly.

  • David Hollingsworth

    Just looking at him makes me melt.

  • MauiJim

    I agree. Eddie has what most well-built Hollywood actors don’t – ultra-erotic, real-man beefiness.

  • michael

    being beefy like that makes me think theres a big breakfast waiting. nothing i like better than a thick sausage and 2xxlg eggs in the morn.

    • John

      I wanna have what Ur hav’n for breakfast…..maybe there is enough for both of us, lets DO breakfast together…..LOL JR

  • he never disappoints me. never.
    absolute hotness.


  • John

    This guy is a big NOTHING. Droopy tits, very sparse chest hair, beefy (which translates to overweight), a bit of a belly (also hairless) not too cute either. What is he doing on this web site?

  • Daknee

    Love beefy ruggly handsome guys like him. A Body that looks like he works out but does not skip a meal!

  • John

    holy shit his body is amazing. Making my stomach do turns just looking at him. His body is so perfect and his chest is amazing. God he is the ultimate man. That stomach is flawless

  • Mac

    Eddie’s body is far superior to any other just look at his chest.

  • Leo!

    Oh My god!!! He has put on so much weight! Loving that belly;) and those big solid man boobs 😮 #drool

  • natorganization

    uuh ooh hes putting on weight! cant wait to see how chunky he gets 😛

  • Mark

    Oh my fucking God, I could just drop the hugest load whacking off to this

  • Mark Lawson

    Oh my god, he is so fucking sexy.

  • Starling

    Some people on here are so rude by saying that Eddie doesn’t belong on here or that he’s not “beefy” he’s “overweight”. You know, not EVERYONE likes the skinny swimmer type. I personally prefer Matt Bomer but I am still very attracted to Eddie. I would definetly hit that. Mmhmm. *bites lip* Yum. If you don’t like A guy posted on here, you don’t have to click the link and then bad mouth him. That’s just rude.

  • boogaloo

    adorkable? dis man aint no mufukin dork.

  • Steve

    OK, plainly I’m in the minority here, but I do think he needs to hit the gym and go on a diet. Too much flab. I like my beef lean.

  • Brawny71

    That is totally fine, Steve et al. To each his own. But he is still in better shape than the average American male; and he has more muscle tone than, say, Paul Rudd. IMO, we need to see more good looking men who don’t spend every waking moment off camera at the gym, and less of the nearly-impossible-to-achieve 1% body fat types. (Yeah, I’m talking to you, Mario Lopez!) Enjoy your lean beef; for that leaves more “brisket” for the rest of us!

  • Sam

    btw He did another amazing shirtless episode episode 9 season 4 get on it! Need to see those nipples!

  • anderson


  • bcooper

    i like his sense of silliness on the show. and he’s definitely cuddly. perfect husband material.

  • JC

    Some people see Eric as a big NOTHING, droopy tits (hardly!), very sparse chest hair (ok, this one I agree) beefy (HOT in my book!), a bit of a belly (bigger PLUS!) and not too cute either (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). What some people want it seems is an Abercrombie model with chest hair. Then again, if that’s what rocks your boat then more power to you!

    Considering Eddie is 45 (46 on May 27th) years old, obviously not a twig and has no shame in taking off his shirt for the camera are all what makes him HOT. There is nothing wrong with people having different tastes but don’t take the time to put down someone because he does not fit the definition of your ideal man on this webpage. You sound like a fool.

  • leir

    total boner material

  • Tracy j

    Omg Eddie is so hot, his pecs are so yummy :).

  • levitt

    i would shoot my load just from any contact with him

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