Wake-up Call

I’m not a fan of excessive tattoos, but in Robbie Williams’s case – I guess we would have to make an exception since he’s one of the few recipients of Lifetime Follicle Preservation Award. And I’m sure I’m speaking for at least half of the site’s population when I wish it was me clinging on that hairy DILF chest instead.

Robbie Williams Shirtless with His Baby Teddy

Robbie Williams Shirtless

  • Mckey

    Robbie Williams has a nice tits!

  • Chris

    Well, to be fair, Gary might have been more forthcoming with the pics if his baby hadn’t been stillborn. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional but that last line doesn’t really scan well in the circumstances. All my griping aside, kudos on a truly delicious site.

    • @Chris & Everyone Please forgive my ignorance. I was referring to being shirtless if anything but thanks for that otherwise I will further humiliate myself!

  • Chris

    You’re a gentleman, Square 🙂 Please feel free to delete my previous comment.

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