And Naturally, Robert Buckley in a Towel

Robert Buckley Shirtless in 666 Park Avenue

Bears shit in the woods, sky is blue, bla bla bla, Jon Hamm is hung, bla bla bla, Robert Buckley shirtless in 666 Park Avenue, bla bla bla, in a towel, bla bla bla, wet, bla bla bla, unshaved, bla… Hang on a minute, UNSHAVED? Halellujah! Happy birthday to me! This is for Jeff who keeps me up to date with skin on the show!

Robert Buckley Shirtless in 666 Park Avenue

Robert Buckley Shirtless in 666 Park Avenue

Robert Buckley Shirtless in 666 Park Avenue

  • lordy


  • Bob

    Much Better Than Nice

  • Eric

    FINALLY! I am so tired of seeing actors shave their chests. It’s nice to see him letting it grow out and not shaving it. He looks damn sexy too! I love that beard! So hot!

  • jeremy

    ABC has the best new dramas this season (on Network tv) and existing ones from last season. Great show and he’s definitely a highlight.

    Btw, you need to capture Burt Chance (Raising Hope) caught getting a little help from Martha Plimpton in the first episode of the season. p.s. He has a pretty dynamic scene in Looper. A scene that gave me chills yet sadly he isn’t shirtless.

  • eagander

    Still a hot stud and I DO like the chest hair, but he seems to be not as defined as he used to be (I think the last time I saw him was Sex in the City). Must have cut back on the daily gym routine. Still, not complaining. He’s definitely a sexy piece of man!

  • MauiJim

    In the first episode, the actress who plays his wife describes him as being nerdy/cute. Uhh, try nerdy/cute/hunk. And, I, too am loving the fur.

  • mfarris70

    Love Buckley, hate this show. Why is the “nerd” always a hot guy with glasses who no one recognizes as hot until said glasses are removed? The Superman Complex.

  • Beagz

    Thanks for the birthday present, my friend!! 🙂

  • Gemini

    I just purred.

  • Christopher

    certainly still quite doable and his chest hair gives him a certain
    air of maturity eventhough i would hardly call his a hairy chest.

    also in the 1st and 3rd pic he quite resembles Justin Timberlake.
    i believe they’re the same age.

    also i do have to admit the ever sexy Robert B. in these pics
    doesn’t look quite as defined and toned as he did in his several
    shirtless scenes over his 3? seasons as a regular on ONE

  • Talmadge McGoolager

    Pan down, goddammit, PAN DOWN!

  • pickle

    Robert’s definitely lost a bit of definition (his pecks and abs aren’t as noticeable like before) since Lipstick Jungle and OTH, but he’s still cute. I don’t buy him as a nerd, though, and I’m still iffy on the show.

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