Beauty and the Beast

My mind is filled with filthy things (it’s like that most of the time anyway) when I look at these shots of Matt Bomer and Joe Manwhore-jello together both at GLSEN Respect Awards sporting salt and pepper scruffage like BFFs. Does it work? Well, it only works if they’re in bed together… Okay, must not get too vulgar. One must really not, but I wouldn’t be too mad if Matt gets rid of the facial pubes completely as it interferes with his beauty a little.

  • Mark

    Yeah you’re absolutely right about the scruff part!Wtf was he thinking!He is too young to sport that grey beard!Maybe in the far future but not now and a few years to come!Yes I know some people do grow grey hair at the young age but that doesn’t mean it looks great you!Most of the time it looks terrible and this is one of it!

  • Scot

    That’s like drawing a moustache on the Mona Lisa!

  • Mark

    Too bad they haven’t learned how to keep the razors from their chests. The beards just make them look like slobs.

  • Phil

    I like ’em both better without the scruff…

  • Bob

    Closer razor on the face and NO razor on the chest.
    Joe and Matt should not be photographed together.
    Matt looks like Joes son.
    Come-On Matt You don;t need the support of anyone to get attention.

  • danny

    I can’t get over their difference in body sizes. Then I looked them up: Matt is 6 foot (and lean); Joe is 6’5″ (and beefy). Talk about father and son! Mmmmm….

  • luscious

    i would like to do a seductive shave on both of them, with lost of foam and hot kisses

  • sparks

    I’d happily take Matt Bomer in whatever state of beard and hairiness I could get him. Such a gorgeous face and stunning eyes.

  • eagander

    Yep, drop the beards on both of them. Much more handsome clean!

  • PJ

    Matt is filming 4 movies in the next 7 months. Just finished Space Station 76. That and the next movie required a beard. But perfection is perfection, he rocks anything!

  • cheesygrits

    Lol at ppl saying father son, you do realize they’re like a year apart. I guess its the size difference. I agree that they both look exceptionally better with those beards off.

  • Greg

    These two are handsome and all (especially Bomer with those ‘come fuck me’ eyes of his), but unless they’re hiding a pelt we’ve yet to see, they’re just handsome. Nothing really to write home about…

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