Because You Always Have a Constant Need for Tom Daley in Your Life

Here’s the sixth member of One Direction posing ‘naked’ to promote his Keek page on Facebook. I can barely use Twitter, so heaven knows what the hell Keek is but if Tom Daley has to get his speedos off (for once) to promote something like that – by all means do come out with all the Keek, Kook, Kink and Kock you want. Yes, he looks like a hot Oompa Loompa with extra hairy pair of legs but I know we all are hating that piece of cardboard right now. All hail the boywhore of England!

Tom Daley Naked for Keek

Tom Daley Naked for Keek

Tom Daley Naked for Keek

Tom Daley Naked for Keek

  • ZK

    “Because You Always Have a Constant Need for Tom Daley in Your Life”

    Nope, not at all.

  • Josh

    This guy is weird looking to me. I know, he appeals to many, but I just don’t see it. It’s like some bad photoshop of some strange prepubescent “Pat” person’s head on the body of a more mature, fit guy. But regardless, there is nothing I’ve seen of this guy that flips any switches on this end. Creepy. No offense.

  • Amit

    He has a really sweet smile, but he doesn’t really do much for me beyond that.

  • Mark

    “Boywhore?”Lol!!Square,you’ve made my day with that word!From now on I’ll be using that word to describe young manwhores out there!Thanks!

  • len

    Cuteness x 1000

  • Okcspooge

    I still want to cook and sew for him, do his little cute laundry, and slavishly serve him all the days of my life. But even I am almost overexposed to the divine shirtless Tom Daley.

    His public relations people need to cut back some. Otherwise, he’ll be doing the ribbon cutting at the grand opening of the new Boots Store in Slough.

    As always, thank you Square.

  • JIM

    He does nothing for me either. Sure he’s Justin Beaber cute but I want a Man.

  • MrWeeble

    The boy is hot, but damn he needs some SPF50

  • michael

    yuk. that was just way to close to child porn for me. eeeww, that skinny little body and big head.

  • Tom

    I guess he’s fine if you like boys. I just don’t happen to.

  • pickle

    Ugh, no. This is embarrassing.

  • anon

    I think hes hot even though i usually prefer men covered in hair i think hes still so hot especially in the first pic if only that piece of paper wasant there lol oh well i can admire his beautiful body :’D

  • J

    Oh please! I’ll take Ezra Miller anytime of the day!!!

  • eagander

    Good Lord Tom, lay off the fucking tanning booth! You look like the Tanning Mom. Would be sad to ruin that hot little bod with cancer!

  • Steve

    OK, I’m with the majority here. Tom is cute enough in a boyish way. I admire his enthusiasm, his athletic prowess and his taut abs. And I will concede that he does seem to have some decent pair of legs. But I nothing happens below my belt when I gaze upon these photos of him. I’d rather see more mature faces, more chest/abs hair and more beef; preferably all of the foregoing.

  • Michael

    How sad that all you rejectors of Tom Daley think Tom is just waiting at home by the phone for any one of you to call him and beg you to be with him!! No, he’s not that desperate!! He has a lot better standards that any of you over arrogant never was!! It makes me laugh when I hear “no, he doesn’t do anything for me”. Who really asked if he did?? lol Live that fantasy of rejecting someone like Tom Daley!!

  • REX

    @Michael – Square doesn’t post these pictures for Tom Daley; he posts them for us. Therefore it does matter if he does nothing for us. Count me in to the group who might take another look at Tom in ten years but would be slightly uninterested now even if I were a teen myself.

    Let’s just call this out here… Tom turned 18 in May, less than 6 months ago. Just because he’s legally an adult doesn’t make him physically any less of a child. I feel like the exploitation of his physique made sense only in an athletic, Olympic capacity. To repromote that exploitation here is kind of icky, and in my mind is a bit of a wrong turn.

  • Tom

    At 18 I would not say that Tom is anything less than an adult and we are allowed to express an opinion. This site is about that. The only ick factor for me here is Tom himself. Commenting on a young man on this site does not make one a perv. He’s 18.
    And one more thing. We who visit this site are allowed to comment and give an opinion about the men we see here. If I do express an opinion it doesn’t necessarily mean I invite others to give me a hard time about said opinion. What I find attractive is what I find attractive. It’s about that “one man’s treasure is another man’s…” thing.
    Personally, I would rather see the likes of Ben Cohen than hairless boys and I appreciate that about being here. I just want to respect what others feel about something and expect the same. How about that?

  • Me


  • pcd

    just gross…

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