Best Buttocks in the Business?

Because October 23rd (which is basically Christmas and your birthday all in one) is so fucking far away, we can only be satisfied with these caps of the most beautiful male in all the land, Matt Bomer in the luckiest pair of tangerine thong in the universe which were lovingly (or more appropriately, lustingly) made by Superherofan. I mean, MATT BOMER. THONG. If these are not the best buttocks in the business, then I shall pack up this joint and go home. I hope that Matt Bomer genetics cloning program is going well because when the superior race finally descend to earth to check on their experiment, we should have a lot of Matt Bomers around to show them that it has been very successful. This post contains a lot of bare buttocks so if your workplace has a grudge against male hotness, be warned.

Matt Bomer Shirtless Ken Doll Strip in Magic Mike

Matt Bomer Shirtless Ken Doll Strip in Magic Mike

Matt Bomer Shirtless Ken Doll Strip in Magic Mike

Matt Bomer Shirtless Ken Doll Strip in Magic Mike

Matt Bomer Shirtless Ken Doll Strip in Magic Mike

  • Jack


  • Autechre

    Eeeew… Who wants to fuck a baby? Well, some people, but still!

  • len

    the first 3 or 4 photos of Matt were his best.

  • LooneyMan

    Autechre, I’d happily take on that endeavor. And yet again we have an out gay man who can convincingly play the role of a straight man. The other, of course, being Neil Patrick Harris.

  • Mckey

    As much as I love him,this is too much!When you are this beautiful, people will take advantage of you!It’s important to draw the line!Of course he is not stupid!He is just shameless,easy and a whore!Plus,he is a father so this is very inappropriate.I am very disappointed. 🙁

  • Daknee

    Not only his buttocks, everthing about the man is as perfect as perfect can be!

  • Mallory

    Not entirely my cup of tea. That being said, he is practically perfect in every way like a guy Mary Poppins or something. Maybe thats my issue, he is a little TOO perfect

  • Andy

    Let’s bask in the cluelessless of McKay criticizing an actor for playing a part that required nudity in an Oscar-winning director’s movie….while he is looking at a website designed only for shirtless and nude shots of actors….and then calling the actor whose pictures he’s looking at a whore. Silly!!!

  • sparks

    Just a quick post while I wait for the ambulance. 🙂

  • Mckey

    @Andy Yes I know this website is designed for the appreciation of men and I am here just for that!Everybody is getting shirtless these days and that’s great!It’s just that to see him in a thong is too much!A respected actor wants to be rocognized for his talent more than anything else!I just thought his standard’s a lot higher than this!Matt is an okay actor but he can act better than Matthew Mcconaughey,Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello whose only famous for showing their bodies in the first place!None of them are that good at acting to begin with!Steven Sodenbergh won an Oscar back then but obviously that doesn’t mean anything as time goes by considering there was nothing worth to direct but this only good to masturbate movie!
    P.S.”carelessless”Really Andy?!

  • PJ

    Flawless perfection as usual. The fact that he is our only out and proud leading man is a major milestone! And no, NPH is not leading man type. I also love that he is a role model for not only gay men, but how to be a good man in general.
    Classy guy all the time.

    @McKey – it’s called acting for one of the most respected directors in the business. He is building a great portfolio of roles showing he can play any role. He has 4 movies in the pipeline plus his hit show. He also made $5M smartly investing in MM, love beauty and brains.

  • Mckey

    @PJ “He is building a portfolio showing he can play any role.”

    No PJ,Johnny Depp is building portfolio showing he can play any role!He’s the perfect example of that!Being a stripper in a movie with terrible storyline is not something to brag about!!
    Look,the fact that he is out and proud is really amazing!Everybody can see that this man is a good man!
    But being an openly gay actor will damage a career and I’m sure he knew about this before making the decission to come out.If he’s straight or still in the closet he would get the role of Christian Grey in a flash!Right now they are considering him but not 100% sure about it eventhough he’s got the right look for it.The idea of gay actor playing a straight role is not going to be received well with women.Especially for this role!

  • pickle

    Too pretty. Not for me.

  • Me

    @Mckey Please just stop. Nobody cares what you think. You disapprove? Fine. Turn the page and move on. Mr. Bomer’s life will go on, and so should yours.

  • Mckey

    @Me You’re absolutely right!Most people are here only for his face and body!What was I thinking trying to explain reality to horny fuckers?!Wrong place for that!Thank You.

  • luscious

    i would so wrestle with him in bathtub full of lube!!!

  • PJ

    @Mickie No on would pay to see Johnny naked nor would he be asked. Matt’s reasoning aside from the Director was no doubt name recognition which has quintupled in the last 6 months.

  • Phil

    Very pretty…Almost too pretty…But forget that ass-it’s his bulge I want…LOL…

  • Me

    @Mckey Yes, because you have to either like him for his talent and charm OR his looks… Thanks for condescending to tell us how shallow we are for coming to a site like this. You’ve done us all such a great service.

  • pettyferx

    love him so much

  • Danielle

    Take a look at Jeremy Renner’s ass in 12 and Holding. Then we can talk. Seriously, I am big a fan of Renner’s and would to see you guys compare the two asses. I think it would be hilarious. Plus, I think Jeremy has a great ass.

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