Catching Up with Tom Daley

To those of you who were complaining about the lack of skin in the last Tom Daley’s post, here’s his iMovie approved holiday clip featuring some interesting angles that you might want to find yourself viewing from. I mean, Rio is so far away so thank heavens for Tom Daley TV, because its audience are constantly hungry for um, diving tips from Tom and he’s giving what they want. Bless them middle aged men tweenage school girls. Video, after the jump.

And while you’re at it, why not indulge yourself with Tom Daley’s 2013 official calendar (currently out of stock, naturally) featuring some awfully selected shots mainly from Fabulous and Heat magazine?

Tom Daley Calendar 2013

I mean, what happened to this?

Tom Daley

And this?

Tom Daley

And most importantly, this?

Tom Daley

Shame on you, Tom Daley’s whoring team. Shame on you.

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