British soap actor Kelvin Fletcher is no stranger to the manwhore game, but sometimes it takes a simple candid shot like this for one to be truly appreciated. Not sure whether due to the fact it looks like a random hot drunken jock you encountered on that holiday in Spain or the fact that you can basically see the testosterone seeping out into the water but this shot on Kelvin Twitter does a lot to me. And shut up about them waxy legs for once!

Kelvin Fletcher Shirtless in a Pool

In case you’re interested – here’s a behind the scene clip from his previous manwhoring effort.

  • Garreth

    My tongue was stuck under that serving of tea.

  • John

    He has the look, so hot

  • REX

    Umm. HELL, yes. Exploit this man, please. I must see him naked, now.

  • Tom

    Killer bod. Not sure about that mug though. LOL!

  • Sammy

    He is GORGEOUS and BEYOND sexy!!!!

  • Tom P

    Plastic beer cup as phallic symbol?

  • Mallory

    Oh yeah. Very nice love that dumb, cheap look some guys have about them when right after meeting, you know its going to be all sex.

  • Matt

    Manwhore indeed!I’ve seen tons of whores like this on facebook I don’t know what else to say or feel other than hmm…okay who’s next!!

  • Bro


  • michael

    soooo, this is it? this is the only pics of this guy that exist? sorry, i dont buy it. give it up square….

  • jeep_driver

    i agree with Tom. great sexy bod but kinda horsey lookin’ face. but ya can’t have it all (don’t I know that!)

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