Does Anyone Have a Quarter?

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

I’m sure Chord Overstreet can take more than one judging by the size of that slot. Okay, you all need to clean your brain with Clorox because I really meant that his mouth looks like a coin slot. By coin I mean disc shaped metal used as currency. You really need to get out of that gutter brain of yours! These are from the latest episode of “Glee” (does anyone still actually watch this?) capped by Superherofan.

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

Chord Overstreet Shirtless in Glee

  • Mallory

    He is alright though I might prefer him slightly better with his clothes on. Strange to feel it, as it is to say it. He dont do a whole hell of a lot for me one way or the other so you can take it with a grain of a salt if you wish

  • len

    personally, i think Kevin McHale is the HOTTEST glee character!

  • eagander

    Glee jumped the shark when it started pulling in “stars”; obviously an attempt to boost ratings cause the show can’t stand on its own anymore. I loved it the first few seasons but forget it with this new cast and weak attempt to carry on the storylines of the originals. I’d still get naked with Chord though!

  • Okcspooge

    I’ve hearted him since I saw him perform Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Chord promised to marry me if I let him out of my basement.

    Great pics. Thanks.

  • Mckey

    As much as I love to see shirtless guys(and girls sometimes),I do think Ryan Murphy is the biggest fuckface bitch in the world right now!I hate him as much as I hate Woody Allen because they love to abuse their power and exploit their actors as much as they can!Woody Allen is a horny straight guy so of course he would exploit his actresses and Ryan is vice versa.When you watch Glee you know that those guys have been violated subconsciously wayyyy too much!

  • cutler

    thanks for the screen caps as i have stopped watching this, glee has become to awful to watch.. i live for the day that darren criss stops shaving his chest.

  • szoszo

    sorry, still only have eyes for blainers on the last pic…

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  • Phil

    I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers-or well for any other reason… 🙂

  • tod

    sorry,it really does nothing to me

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