Guess This Hairy Chest

Look, I’m not making up for the last post by putting this shot up to be devoured by your eyeballs – although this English ex-footballer has become the star of many wet dreams since his retirement. Guess before you click!

It’s Alan Shearer (via Mirror)! My ass will be doing some unnecessary long haul travel today, so hopefully Alan will keep you entertained until I get over my future jet lag. Thanks to Dave for this!

Also, some hotness from the past. Instead of following Beckham around – they should be on Alan’s ass twenty four seven.

  • Eric

    Both men have perfect hairy chests! Love love love it! What I wouldn’t give to run my hands through that chest hair! So hot!

  • This is a type of body I love: mature, hairy and not iper-builidng-up!!

  • JP

    He has nothing on Beckham!! But his fur is delicious!

  • Jim

    Very hot. Great smile too.

  • michael

    uh. no. next!

  • rodthehorny

    My kind of guy! He is.

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