Hello Again, Shawn AshMORE

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

Jesse Spencer isn’t the only one who has been blessed by the mature fairy. No, apparently he has been going around the continents and puts give twinky guys like Shawn Ashmore the gift of furry hotness. These are from “Breaking the Girl” and there’s nothing I don’t like about the new and improved Shawn. The only thing to do is to get the Ashmore twins in a steamy shoot – the rest is pretty much text book stuff, gay rags are you listening?

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

Shawn Ashmore Shirtless in Breaking the Girl

  • LouLou


  • Mark

    Finally a decent pair of nips.

  • Mckey

    Butter face and puffy nips!Delicious! 🙂

  • David

    Amen Brothers….that boy has got some suckable Nips on him….Woof!!! 🙂

  • Okcspooge

    My favorite X-Boy has grown up. He can freeze me any time.

    What a happy day.

  • Milton

    Alwaysa had a thing for the Ashmore twins. On their website, there’s a shot of one of them totally naked, except for the Canadian flag (cause they’re Canadian) lowly drapped around whichever twin it is. Again, sexy nips!

  • Paul

    OH MY GOD! His nipples are like homing beacons : P

  • bo_s

    I watch Warehouse 13 religiously (thanks, Square) and I think Shawn is beefier than Aaron. Not that Aaron ever shed any clothing >:(

    Anyway, both of them are so friggin hot.

  • Jim

    Damn hot and handsome…and those nipples are just screaming to be licked.

  • Eric

    A beard, chest hair, and puffy nipples? Now that is what I’m talking about! Those nipples are seriously just begging to be sucked! I just want to lick every inch of this mans body and feel that chest hair!

  • DoverDavid

    Yum. Looks like those hairy legs in the X-men movie caught up with the rest of him.

  • Daknee

    Couldn’t agree more about his nipples n pecs fleshy yet not moobish. NICE!

  • Sammy

    WOW> He looks better than ever!

  • Downsouthbear

    I fell for him in Diverted.

  • MauiJim

    Those nips couldn’t be more inviting if they had
    “suck me” signs on them.

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  • luscious

    excuse me, i will be in my bunk…

  • Tom

    A gift from God!

  • aussieguy

    Wow had no idea he was hairy at all!

  • Mallory

    Yes, I like

  • GOOD LORD! Since WHEN did the Ashmore brothers have chest-hair? They’re definitely getting hotter as they get older, these boys *fans self*

  • Mike_N

    to bo_s, actually, Aaron has shed his clothing in the past. In the movie Prom Queen, at the very beginning… and you see the difference between the two…

  • jeep_driver

    don’t know this dude from adam but he’s lookin’ kinda GIN-JEE don’t ya think, square (and all the rest of the gang out there)? nice chest, and it isn’t super muscled or defined….just damn sexy is all. did i forget to mention those nips? i want a nipple transplant using his to replace mine.

  • John

    Very hot. I’m a sucker for nipples, his are very suckable.

  • Greg

    Thanks to these glorious pics, I’m now having nastier-than-usual thoughts over what I would do to Mr. Ashmore… Wow!

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