Jesse Spencer 2.0

Jesse Spencer Shirtless in Chicago Fire

If you’ve always thought Jesse Spencer looks like someone who knocks on your door and sell you homemade cookies or delivers newspaper in the morning – think again. Here’s the all new and improved Australian export looking all roughed up and most importantly, furry all over in the premiere of “Chicago Fire“. The premise of this series which is hot men in uniform (and nothing else) can only come from a filthy mind like mine – as the only fire here is the one on the audiences’ crotches. Basically, it’s like watching a TV version of the firefighter’s calendar every week so yes.

Jesse Spencer Shirtless in Chicago Fire

Jesse Spencer Shirtless in Chicago Fire

Jesse Spencer Shirtless in Chicago Fire

Something tells me they’re going to exploit Taylor Kinney within an inch of his life but glad they kept it to the minimum to give way to Jesse.

Taylor Kinney Shirtless in Chicago Fire

Taylor Kinney Shirtless in Chicago Fire

  • Nick

    I like what I see with both of them, and Lady Gaga is a lucky girl for snatching up Taylor.

  • Bob E

    Male firefighters, one of the hottest things in maledom.

  • Brody

    Wow. I am surprised… He has bulked up and looks a lot more man and less twink.

  • Eric

    Woah, he looks great! He definitely looks far more masculine than the last time I saw him. His nipples are kind of small, but I am loving his chest hair! He is very, very sexy! Taylor Kinney is also sexy! Taylor is like a silver fox with the gray, which I love! I think I prefer Jesse more, though. What I wouldn’t give to have one night with that man! haha

  • Boris

    Much improved from his stint on “House”… He was kinda cute in that show, but his attitude was baseball-bat-in-the face…

  • Damien

    Jesse Spencer has a great body – guess all that surfing has paid off this year – and most of all he has a beautiful face, some might say he is too pretty but I like it. I also think he is for sure a much better actor than Kinney.

  • JamesK

    Jesse Spencer is f..king perfect. Awesome body, gorgeous face and he plays the violin like a pro: For me he is flawless!

  • Rob-Bear

    @Eric “His nipples are kind of small”
    I’m sure he’s sad he hasn’t got huge burger nipples like you then honey.
    What is it with the ‘men’ on this site, constantly got to find fault with every single guy that’s posted on here?
    Ladies learn to appreciate the hunks, as you mash the keyboards with your sausage fingers fatties

  • Christopher

    Taylor always looked hot. i know him from his stint as Michael
    Trevino’s super sexy werewolf uncle on THE VAMPIRE
    DIARIES. which brings to the ever sexy Jesse S.. my test
    for maturing perfectly is thus- you work out to get a nice
    well defined toned physique that is appropriate for your height
    and frame that accentuates rather than takes away from
    your natural beauty. and lets face the hottest guys are the
    ones who as pretty as they are masculine.

    one other note. if the chest hair we see on Jesse S. in the
    above photos is the extant of his chest hair i don’t think it
    qualifies as “furry”. it seems whenever a shirtless photo
    of a hot male celeb is posted on this site and he turns out
    to have even the minutest amount of chest said chest is
    always referred to as furry which is a bit much.

  • Eric

    @Rob-Bear: Excuse you? I wasn’t saying that having small nipples is a bad thing and I wasn’t finding fault with him or anybody on here for that matter. A guy with some chest hair and semi-big nipples is MY personal taste and it’s something like that I like to see on a guy. Did I say that he looks absolutely terrible? No. I think Jesse looks fantastic. And by the way, I don’t have “huge burger nipples.” Mine are actually like Jesse’s. Like I said, it’s just MY personal taste. Don’t like what I have to say, then ignore it. No need to criticize and put somebody down for having an opinion. Ass.

  • Rob-Bear

    @Eric You’re forgiven for having burger nipples
    ha ha ha

  • Phil

    I’ll take both of them to go-or cum…

  • Steve

    Jesse looks very good, and that’s some nice fuzz on his chest. The treasure trails are a tie. However, I have to give the edge here to Taylor: bluer eyes, squarer jaw, fuller scruff, beefier biceps/delts, hairier forearms, better defined abs, and, yes, bigger nipples (aureolae). Altogether just a spectacular specimen of manhood. I hate the thought of Madonna OR Lady Gaga touching him, save & except if the “marriage” to Lady Gaga were real.

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  • Josh

    Lady Gaga is one lucky bitch

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