Laws of Attraction

There is nothing I don’t like about these new shots of Jude Law. NOTHING. Okay, perhaps the facial hair is a little odd for some but trust me, this is the complete look. Thank you, time!

  • len

    please tell me your joking. he’s gotten fat, his beard looks ridiculous, and gravity hasn’t been kind.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    A little chunk looks good on him. Although he looks older than his 39 years.

  • Nick

    Wow, father time is kicking someones ass. I didn’t even notice that was Jude before I read the post.

  • Tom

    I always thought he was so hot and he still is. I’ll take the chunk. The perfect body is not always the most desirable.

  • bo_s

    Lovin’ the chunks 🙂

  • Cookie

    I think he looks like normal person. Beefcake is nice to look at, but it’s the Attainable only to those who devote their lives to it. No wonder we have such a large percent of men in the US who have horrible body image issues.

    Jude Law looks a helluva lot better in these pictures than a lot of men who are totally “buff” but totally artificial.

  • Evan

    I always wanted to ride him and I still do. He’s always been totally fuckable and still is. LOVING it. As long as he keeps the body hair and the cute face, I’m 100% all about him =)

  • Jim

    Still as hot as ever.

  • THX 1980

    I never found him hot until now.

  • northalabama


  • sparks

    He’s still hot, just in a different category. I’d NEVER kick that man outta bed. lol

  • Warren

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jude Law. The older he gets, the more I seem to like him. Totally disagree with the comment that he looks fat.

  • jeremy

    I found him sexy before, I find him even sexier now.

    It is disturbing to think that there are men out there believing this is fat.

    C’mon… seriously?

    His natural body has always worked magic for me and I still adore those photos of his swimsuit change couple of years back. Certainly an ideal body type, personally.

  • scott

    DAYUM, he looks fantastic! i think i just figured out that i am attracted to normal beefy hairy guys that may or may not be straight and if they are the latter then i will be up for the challenge to CONVERT them. yes, i am recruiting sexy jockish straight men so look me up when in SFO.

  • scott

    COOKIE – you are so right BTW

  • REX

    I think Jude looks bad here, not because he’s fat but because he looks like a mentally-handicapped criminal from the 1800’s with that hokey beard and longer hair.

    His body is fine. Why are we not talking about that swimsuit?! It clearly has no inner lining. I love the contours of the ass and the fact that we can basically see peen. No?

  • Daknee

    Can’t say much for his beard style, but as far as the extra weight, way better that the way too skinny guy he was.

  • DoverDavid

    Still hot n hairy with those legs!!!

  • luscious

    meatier, and i like it!

  • Phil

    OK nice butt…But I don’t think he has all that much hangin’ in front…

  • Phil

    So sue me…I likes me a kielbasa with the beans…

  • Eric

    Whoa. I thought he was a little “pretty” for my tastes, but now, wow, he’s learning a little from Hugh / Robert Downey it seems. I would bark up that tree.

  • Patrick

    I thought it was Hugh Jackman in the first picture and I still can’t see Jude in it. Apart from the grimasses he looks okay to me. Strong legs and hairy. Me like.
    He is starting to develop a gut, though.

  • natorganization

    though i hate the weird faces he is making, i love what is happening to his body. definitely filling out

  • David

    I’m sorry, but he looks gross. There is nothing attractive now about his face or his body.

  • jeep_driver

    hey Phil it’s possible jude has one of those “surprise” packages that grow in the dark???

  • bear

    he looks totally hot. Love the fur, the beard, and the belly. THANK YOU!

  • Jeremy

    After having seen the trailer for Dom Hemingway the facial hair and body was obviously for his character. Nudity in trailer.

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