Missed Connection

You would have thought a series of mah husband’s shirtless pictures would pop out on this website like that angry pimple on your prom night once they’re online but no, that’s not always the case. If it wasn’t for Jesse (here please have my newborn), these shots of Jason Sudeikis with some chick on the beach (obviously I’m not jealous) will forever be missing from my life. Also, only a true stalker would Photoshop someone out of the frame and I was thisclose to paste my face on that lush chest – but I’ve already done that in my brain so let’s keep it classy for now.

Source: Popsugar

  • len

    gotta admit, he IS cute!!!

  • Mark

    Nice armpit!

  • The perfect dream guy in my opinion, he’s represent the type of man I like the most!

  • Nick

    I think I just fell in love, he’s everyday guy sexy and that’s doing A LOT for me.

  • szoszo

    ugh why is he so cute and hot??? dang is that chick preggers? she always seemed anorexic to me before…

  • Victor

    What great pics. I love a normal looking guy who just happens to have a jaw-droppingly handsome face and gorgeous chest hair! Take the shaved/plucked and tan gymbunnies and flush them away!!

  • jeremy

    100% husband material. Effortlessly sexy, cute, and charming.

  • eagander

    Didn’t realize he was so furry! YUM! And not a bad bod either. Sexy pits too!

  • bo_s

    Oh, Jason please stop! I can’t handle all the hotness.

  • armpitluver

    i agree with @Mark and @eagander…those are some very hot pits! he is such a gorgeous man!

  • Rob-Bear

    Lucky bitch…. and Olivia Wilde too

  • David Hollingsworth

    I always had a crush on Jason, and this confirms it.

  • deemacgee

    Has JS lost weight recently?

  • Mike Johnson

    Jason’s “All American Orgy” was a surprising charmer, given the title. It helped that Jason was shirtless multiple times. Given that title I was hoping for a little more, but I’ll take a shirtless Jason anytime.

  • Shane King

    He is so hot, cute, sexy. adorable. A cuddly Teddy Bear. Look closely at the picture. His trunks are down a little low. I can see a little bit of pubes and top of his butt.

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