More Beefiness from Skyfall

The rule of the game here that I usually post something that everybody else on the interwebs has posted last week – so you’ll always be the last to know if you rely on this crusty joint for news, which I hope not the case. Here’s Daniel Craig showing off his muffins in the recently released stills of “Skyfall” and he’s basically showing where my tongue is going to start its long journey south.

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

Daniel Craig in Skyfall

  • Tom

    What a mug on this guy. But, there is something about him that just exudes sex! Hot, hot, hot!

  • luscious

    his bod is rad

  • J

    It’s weird but I only find him attractive when he’s playing James Bond.

    (I certainly wouldn’t say no if he showed up at my door, but I may ask him to change into a three-piece suit, put a martini glass in his hand and have him take me with on a dangerous car chase up and down a coastal european town.)

  • Mark

    Yeah that face is aging(not in a good way)but that body is still do-able!He is selling sexiness like no other!

  • Mallory

    I think Daniel has looked about the same for some time now. You either like it or you dont. I find him far more sexy, than attractive

  • Sammy

    One of the sexiest men alive. Easily.

  • Phil

    Well I wouldn’t turn him down-but I’m sorry he’s not well my first choice…

  • Phil

    Not exactly my first choice…

  • Phil


  • rodthehorny

    i would love to wrestle with him on his underwear.

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