No Explanation Necessary

My only comment is why don’t they let Jon Hamm be Jon Hamm because we know there’s some sort of a maximum security protection under those trunks, otherwise this is pure piece of PERFECTION. Thanks Fredo for the heads up!

  • Alex

    Looks like he has a boo boo on his knee. Let me get on my knees so I can kiss it and make it better. While I’m down there, I’m sure something else needs to be kissed too.

  • DoverDavid

    Wish the legs were hairier.

  • ozz

    I second that about the hairy legs, but my god this man is my favorite man in the world. Totes

  • Liam Patterson

    There is not a single flaw on that man.

  • Eric

    Holy shit this man is sexy! It’s so refreshing to see a natural, hairy man in Hollywood. It’s nice to see Jon doesn’t wax that gorgeous, hairy chest of his! He is just absolute perfection! What I wouldn’t give to have one night with this man!

  • michael

    skinny leggs.

  • Okcspooge

    For once, a man who doesn’t do a thing for me. Ain’t diversity kyna coo?

    Have a great weekend guys.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Knowing that he has a dick of death under those shorts makes not give a shit that his legs “aren’t hairy enough” or are “too skinny.” Perfection doesn’t matter when there’s a perfect penis dangling in your face!

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  • pickle


  • rodthehorny

    @Square No Explanation Necessary >>> I can’t agree more. Bloody tasty. 😀

  • Matt

    Huh. Looks like the Hamm has been eating a little too much ham, with those shorts pulled up over that paunch he seems to be growing. Still a hot man and from those last pics of his huge cock in his pants while strolling through Manhattan, I am not saying I wouldn’t hit it… cause I would. I just don’t want to see him get married-fat, ya know? Would be a shame if a female is allowed to destroy such a hot man and his hot body!

  • Mike

    He needs to hit the gym!

  • I need an orgasm everytime I see somenthing about him!

  • Steve

    I think he looks fine. I wouldn’t get snarky about a “paunch.” He has less of a belly than probably 90% of guys his age. It’s unrealistic to expect John at this stage to have a sixpack. Considering the other demands on his time, he’s not going to be at the gym for hours every day.

  • It’s not necessary a six pach to be hot and sexy, especially in case of over 40 men, I mean that body it’s great!

  • Greg

    He’s handsome and all but he’s never done a thing for me…

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