Please Let This Be a Weekly Thing

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Skin on TV is very common these days, but unshaved deliciousness is still a little rare so they really need to make this Jonny Miller shirtless scene on “Elementary” a weekly thing. These caps came in via Jeff and we do get a better lighting this time as it is needed to appreciate all that untouched natural reserve.

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary

  • Jack

    Damn he’s looking fine!

  • Bob E

    Jonny has always been a favorite and still is. Aging like fine wine.
    You could see the potential in Hackers with Angelina Jolie…ah you knew
    the pelt was coming….

  • DoverDavid

    Hairy and with that accent, yum!

  • Bob

    Sooo nice….until those tats arghhh. nevermind!

  • b2b


  • Downsouthbear

    Who knew Sherlock Holmes was a DILF?!

  • jeremy

    He’s my #1 at the moment. A part of me a whole episode of shirtlessness but then I’d never keep focus on anything else going on. I love his character – house meets Matt Smith’s Dr. who.

  • kenbear

    He is so fucking hot. First saw him on that show where he’s a lawyer that hears God. Well, this guy makes me hear God every time I see that beautiful body. Hate the tats, though. Tats are so unnecessary on any body, especially this lovely specimen.

  • Eric

    Good lord, this man is so fucking sexy! I seriously cannot get enough of that amazingly sexy hairy body he has! The chest hair pattern is just amazing! And those nipples? Holy shit, this man makes me horny! He is just too fucking hot!

  • Adminbear


  • Chuck

    Perfectly fine man ruined by dumbass tattoos. No soup for you. NEXT!

  • Endymion2009

    I agree, the guy is fantastic but I also hate the tattoos.

  • sparks

    I can look past the tattoos in this case. He’s just dreamy and full-on sexy. 😉

  • jeremy

    I’m typically not a fan of tattoos, but JLM knows how to rock ’em. He gets a pass from me on them.

  • Would be so much better without all the graffiti on his body!

  • KarmaLysing

    If you can’t see past the superficial ink, feel free to quit sniveling and move along. Christ… Some of us don’t mind tattoos, and are sick to DEATH of the wingeing, caterwauling, breast-beating and hair-tearing. Grow the fuck up.

  • Matt

    I remember the first time I saw Hackers a few years back, I took it out and jerked off watching him. And damn .. looks like I’m doing the same thing here. Jonny Lee was hot young and he’s still fuckin hot now!

    AND PS @ KarmaLysing – Ya might want to heed your own advice, as so many of us are JUST AS SICK TO DEATH of the people such as yourself who always have a whinging, caterwauling, breast-beating and hair-tearing hissy-girl-fit about those of us who have DON’T LIKE tattoos. GET THE FUCK OVER IT AND GROW UP YOURSELF. Seriously.

  • John

    Love the guy tattooes and all, he is so hot

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