Skateboarding into Your Hearts

Since nobody bothers to watch “Glee” anymore, its biggest crowd puller and his pair of deceiving nipples have decided to up the ratings a little by skateboarding shirtless into a bunch of paparazzi in Santa Monica and pretend they caught him completely unaware. Yes, Dean Geyer might be a budding manwhore and he might went a bit far with the wax strips (a guess) but boys like Dean do make the entertainment world go round so yes to this and future shirtless publicity stunts. Hell, yes to WHATEVER as long as his shirt’s off!

  • Bob

    N ice But still won’t watch Glee

  • Mckey

    This guy is kinda overrated when it comes to pretty!He looks a little bit like Adam Garcia(who is also an Aussie)but Adam is way way wayyyyy more prettier than this new whore!He is clearly a shameless whore who would do anything for fame met with Ryan Murphy who is a horny gay pimp so it is match made in brothel hell!

  • Boris

    Too much wax on his chest, sorry…

  • Grayson

    Cute, but that’s not enough to bring me back to the absolute trainwreck that is Glee.

  • Len

    sorry, but Kevin McHale(Artie Abrams) has stolen my heart!

  • len

    Sorry,but Kevin McHale(Artie Abrams) has stolen my heart.

  • Eric

    Eh, too smooth for my taste. I don’t know why, but I literally just don’t find any guy who has a smooth chest even remotely attractive. I can see why some would like him, but he does absolutely nothing for me.

  • SZK

    He definitely waxes now. Older magazine scans and screencaps show that he naturally has some fuzz on his chest and stomach, as well as some very nice hairy legs.

  • randomgay

    I watch Glee just hoping he’ll take his shirt off.

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