Wake-up Call

You know what I would love to have in the morning after a rough night out? A nearly naked Liam Neeson in a pair of pink speedos whispering sweet things like “I will look for you” and “I will find you”. Yes, that’s exactly what I need and thanks to “Ellen” I now have a visual to match the description in my head. Before you throw side eyes and broken beer bottles at me, remember my ass and its affiliates still own this joint so a 60 year old Irish daddy gets top spot. Always!

  • Mark

    Those sagging manboobs with that droopy belly and yet I am so hard watching this!Usually this is not my type but Liam Neeson has a warm pretty daddy face!

  • badboy

    luv me some Liam i drink all his juice….

  • luscious

    what? no evian bottle showing?

  • Phil

    I’m sorry just not a fan of any man sitting on um the throne…And I really don’t understand Hollywoods fascination with it…

  • rodthehorny

    i want his man juice for real….

  • Gulp!

    Every drop. On my knees.

  • mick

    OH Liam make me wet!!! 😉

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