Wake-up Call

Unless you’re Posh or his mirror, we’ll never know what David Beckham really looks like in the morning, but it’s good to see Britain’s reigning manwhore David Beckham kind of off his whore game (via Splash). Wait, actually he’s still in it since there is a clause in the contract for him to be sans shirt after matches. I mean, who watches David Beckham on the field to see him play football anymore? Also, he’s wearing his H&M panties so that means I’m wrong yet again. Learn from this, budding manwhores!

  • Mark

    This whore is just getting sad and desperate!He is a father of 4 and has no shame at all so calling him a whore is very appropriate!When you get shirtless all the time,people will get bored at some point especially with that boring nipples!Seriously look at those rat poop his chest!

  • Mykel

    I don’t know if it’s me but I see NOTHING nothing hot or attractive about this man

  • szoszo

    its not just you me either. its like his nips slid off his pecs.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Once he was quite hot. Now he’s over-exposed and looking a bit haggard and over-inked. Four kids, huh. Well….

  • crispy

    Actually, I watch David Beckham to see him play football… and many people do considering he helped LA Galaxy win the MLS Championship last year.

    I guess it’s fun to snark at him for taking his shirt off at the end of every game, but the reason he does so (because clearly none of you have ever actually watched a soccer game) is because he gives his jersey to a child in the stands after EVERY game. It’s a really nice gesture. So snark away.

    • @crispy You know it’s all just a joke from my part, I mean I do make bad jokes but I still joke nonetheless! 🙂

  • OP

    HE HAS NO CHEST! I cannot appreciate a man’s body when he has no chest. It’s just unappealing.

  • Okcspooge

    I was about to hate on his tattoos, as I do, until I read Crispy’s comment. Thanks, Crispy.

    David Beckham is fine in my book.

  • Eric

    His face is attractive, but not his body. I can see why some people like him, but he just doesn’t do anything for me. He has no chest hair, his nipples are very small, and all those tattoos are a turn off. He’s just not my taste.

  • bo_s

    Whoa, dial down the mean everyone.

  • michael

    i dunno, i think he’s pretty. as to his nipples, they just need some work and id be happy to accomodate.

  • michael

    as to the haters… obviously they are much better looking, better built and more successful.

  • Mark

    @crispy There’s no question about it that he is one of the best soccer players in world but we are not here to talk about that!!Yes there are a lot of players love to to get shirtless after the game and that’s understandable!When it comes to getting half naked,he is far and beyond those players!He doesn’t know or want to slow it down!My biggest issue with this guy is he has a vanity like no other!That’s one of the things that I hate about him!

  • joe

    honestly, I never got the appeal. sure he was good looking once and everything but i was never actually attracted to him and the tattoos ruin any chance of that.. just like with adam levine.

  • Paul

    The tattoos are overdone and the non-existant nipples are a disappoinmtnet. NEXT!

  • Chuck

    Meh. Blech. Nicht. Ick. No thank you sir.

  • Patrick

    Calm down guys, it is just bad lighting. The same light my favorite bar turn on 15 minutes before closing to shoo all the vain gays away.

    As for his chest: soccer players rarely have nice chests as you don’t need big pectorals for soccer. And I love his small nipples.

  • buckierd

    What ever happened to”Ken”doll? I,’ll bring “Barbie”…NOT !!!!.

  • buckierd

    ..sorry Patrick…
    I like your picturrrrrr almost as well..do you dress in white too?

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