What’s Funny and Furry All Over?

Rob Delaney Shirtless in Kinky Sex

The last couple of posts were a little waxy (okay, the politically correct word is smooth but until it’s proven I’ll reserve my judgement) – so it’s time to give your eyeballs a treat. Here’s Rob Delaney in BBC Three Feed My Funny skit, “Kinky Sex” with Sharon Horgan and your childhood nightmare at the end. Hmmm… I think I might have found my new husband in the ‘very hairy’ division. Watch all the furriness in action after the jump. Thanks to JH for the heads up!

Rob Delaney Shirtless in Kinky Sex

Rob Delaney Shirtless in Kinky Sex

Rob Delaney Shirtless in Kinky Sex

Yes I know ‘funny’ is very subjective but my mind and libido are clouded by his Twitter profile picture. Can you blame me for THIS?

Rob Delaney Shirtless in Kinky Sex

  • David

    I LOVE YOU Rob Delaney …..will you marry me??? OMG this has got to be the HOTTEST MAN on the Planet Earth….If you’ll excuse me I have to go lie down for a while….my legs are all tingly and I’m feeling very moist….down there….. 🙂

  • Bob E

    Absolutely hysterical, I almost peed myself…..
    On top of that, Rob is so hot I almost came without touching myself.
    There, I’ve shared all I’m going to. Who goes next?

  • OH GOD!

    This has made me HARD!!!!

  • Evan

    Wow…for 20 minutes with him. That’s all I need.

    DAMN! That fur is so SEXY

  • The Gentleman Adventurer

    He once tweeted, “Not to sound gay, but I wonder what Tom Hardy’s dick tastes like.” That had me sold.

  • JuanCarlos

    Oh my God!! I have to repeat what Bob said…I came without even touching myself!!!!!!
    Is it my imagination or is this guy like the british version of JON HAM only like a thousand times hairier???, and he is funny too!!!!!!

  • Boris


  • Jim

    Wow…he’s just about perfect.

  • Arthur

    He’s hot!

  • scott

    thanks square brother, me likey this man too. juan carlos – did he really say that? and at the risk of sounding stoopid, who is tom hardy? i will have to googie him i guess.

  • rodthehorny


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