Will the Real Mr. Sudeikis Please Stand Up?

Hey Topher – here, kindly accept my first newborn for alerting me about the existence of this photo century’s missing masterpiece. There’s no evidence that the furry piece on the right is mah husband, but thanks to my less than average stalking skills the one on the left is South African model Bryce Thompson so perhaps somewhere, someone out there can shed some light on this moist inducing mystery? If this is not mah husband, I need his number. NOW.

Bryce Thompson with Jason Sudeikis Look-a-like

If you’re more left wing – here’s a couple of Bryce. If he really hates those undies just take them off will you?

Bryce Thompson

Bryce Thompson

Bryce Thompson

Bryce Thompson

  • Mike

    Love yo’ husband!!

  • jeep_driver

    i think you’re tryin’ to say “mah huzzzbund”

  • Steve

    Very nice, only I wonder whether there can be such a thing as too little body fat. In the fourth photo after the jump, it appears that he has some sort of cavity between his collarbone and his shoulder that ought to be filled with something. But clearly he has some nice muscles and fantastic definition. I like the first picture the best, though, because in it he seems to be less emaciated and more like he’s enjoying himself.

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