And Here’s Some Jayson Blair on the Beach

When Jayson Blair isn’t working, i.e taking his shirt off in “The New Normal” – he’s busy doing some PR run with Bruce Willis’s daughter. Hey, whatever gets you ahead right (clearly I’m not jealous at all). These two people aren’t exactly famous, but when you have a fine piece like Jayson looking like he’s taking a week off gym, you don’t complain (it’s a good thing in my book). Also, this reminds me to get some caps out of “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”.

  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Wondrous. Natural. Hot. Reminds me a bit of Josh Duhamel in the face.

  • b

    i watched the first few episodes of the new normal and he’s so much hotter here compared to the show. never realized how much yummy he is. :p

  • michael

    its kind of sad, you can always tell a str8t guy. they work on their chest and shoulders and never give a thought to their calves and thighs. ah well. but, from the waist up, he’s really nice. not too built, not too under built. just kind of right. but the chickin legs…..oh, no.

  • Bob

    Looks very approchable

  • Reese

    I think he’s good looking in these photos, better than he does on the show.. Very nice rack.

  • Jim

    Really amazing looking guy with a totally unfortunate name – I’ll always think about the New York Times plagiarist.

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  • jleo71

    Looks like he took more than just a week off from the gym. Now he does have something nice showing in his bathing suit but it sure isn’t ass.

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