And Here’s the Italian Fassbender Getting Dressed

Just in case Mike Rowe taking a candle-lit bubble bath isn’t your thing (girl, I’m throwing a shade at you), here’s the Italian Michael Fassbender Giulio Berutti getting dressed to work (it was Monday so you can understand his frustrations) in Italian Vanity Fair. Giulio is no stranger to shirtlessness (OF COURSE I know this) but it is a fact of life that Italians are much better at exploiting their men over there.

Giulio Berruti Shirtless in Vanity Fair Italia

Giulio Berruti Shirtless in Vanity Fair Italia

  • Mark

    What a beauty!Italians are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful people in the world!

  • Mark

    Italian men with dark hair and blue eyes give me the vapors!

  • michael

    yes, yes, italians are realy spectacular……just imagine 2000 yrs ago in rome, men like this were running about all sweaty, drinking, wearing leather, fighting….oh, sorry, i was lost in a moment. ….

  • scott

    i agree with you Mark, only it can be ANY man with dark hair and blue eyes, be it a greek, italiano, or black irishman – I melt. santa are you listening?

  • ricky cockman

    yeah, I have double digit and it gets rock when I see a black/blue combo, especially the hairy ones – – – WOOF!

  • Daknee

    There seems to be a few on here who love the dark hair and blue eyes! HOT!

  • Don’t bother to wrap him-I’ll eat him here…

  • Danny

    Michael Fassbender??? No, he looks more like Henry Cavill! All three men are hot!

  • Matt

    Oh yeah brother, Italian men are just fucking H O T hot!

    I currently live with and am married to one – and let me tell you, hands down, he’s the sexiest man ever, in ALL ways. From looks, to body, to his sexual abilities and skills – just awesome. If you can find a hot looking Italian for your very own, I highly recommend you snatch him up right away! You won’t regret it. At all.

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