At Long Last, Jon Hamm Gets His Loofah Out

Jon Hamm Gets His Loofah Out in A Young Doctor's Notebook

And it’s everything I thought it would be. Here’s a preview of “A Young Doctor’s Notebook” starring mah husband and Daniel Radcliffe. I mean, whoever thought about this scene is an utter genius. And yes, I posted this so I can say ‘Jon Hamm gets his loofah out’. It feels good.

  • Bob E

    Really hopes this makes it to BBC America during my lifetime 🙂
    Looks like a hoot! The bathtub seen is yummy as well. I can imagine
    those two playing around a bit mate!

  • szoszo

    sounds horrible but i cant wait 😀

  • babyboy

    Luv to be in a real small tub with Jon Hamm …. Yum!

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