Brother, Can You Spare Me A Penny?

Tom Daley Shirtless for Radio Times

In other news, not to be outdone by his senior – here’s England’s reigning boywhore Tom Daley doing ‘the Daley ghetto slut drop’ for Radio Times in his natural ensemble. Yes, ‘the Daley ghetto slut drop’ were his words so it’s nice to get some acknowledgement after all these years (not to self: change boywhore to boyslut). This is all of course for charity but should you decide to put a penny in Tom’s slot – be warned because we all know it’s going to bounce back right in your face. Now, where’s the video and the high resolution image of this? These people!

  • Mark

    This twink is so ovah.

  • sparks

    He won’t be over when he stops shaving his chest and gets a little scruffy.. then a whole new legion of fans will be born. 😉

  • DoverDavid


  • WannaBuyaDuck

    Looking at him makes me feel like a pedophile.

  • Tom

    I guess he’s ok if you like boys. I just don’t happen to.

  • Robert

    Enough of negativity in this world without another person heard from. Can’t we be civil? If one doesn’t have anything good to say, they should remain silent.

  • Tom

    I wasn’t aware anyone on this thread was being less than civil.

  • cutler

    keep ’em coming! i love this little man! i’ll more than likely have a heart attack the first time i see a pic of him with a hairy chest!

  • Christopher

    Tom does like showing the stunning physique he has achieved,
    doesn’t he? also i have seen a few photos that do show some
    chests hair or what i refer to as a “dusting” of hair. i don’t know
    this for a fact but i bet if he didn’t shave his chest and let his
    hair grow to its full degree i bet it would be a rather nice dusting
    rather than a “”hairy chest”.

  • michael

    i just cant see why everyone is so gaga over this guy…. he’s too skinny, too dark, teeth are like horses teeth and his heads too big for his body. WTF…???

  • eagander

    He’s cute, has a hot bod, but Tom, lay off the tanning! You’re giving the Tanning Mom a run for the money! 🙂

  • Robert

    Mr. Daley is sweet and a remarkable diver. He is not ovah as some have stated! He has yet to begine a long and successful life.f He’ll shine again during the next summer Olympics.

  • Adminbear

    Just how much do I honor & like him?? I’ve got his picture calendar on the wall of my bedroom. 13 more months of “daley” (sic) enjoyment of him. And I agree with Robert, this young man is going to be a major contender in upcoming Olympics!

  • I’m sorry but the ‘boy’ does it for me…Though I do wish he’d leave his chest hair/treasure trail alone…

  • Nick

    To quote Colin Mochrie from Whose Line is it anyway, ‘My God Your Thighs Are Big’. But srsly though, his thighs are huge, puts me off. Still looks boyish. Also puts me off. He’s like 20-something with the face of a 12 year old.

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  • sexy me

    do you think that if i am looking at this pictures from this site i am gay?? please answer!!

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